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Vampire Teeth with Face Paint Tutorial + more Vampire Design Inspiration

The Vampire is one the most popular face paint / makeup designs for Halloween. It has been for decades and though the look of the vampires may change from cartoony Dracula to soo real you can't be sure if they really don't exist, Vampires will continue to be a top choice for a last minute or a very planned out Halloween look. TV shows like Buffy the Vampire Slayer and movies like Twilight still feature vampires and are popular with people of all ages. (Jest Paint and their products have no connection to these shows)
This post contains images and step by steps for beginners and more advanced makeup artists. Some images were submitted by our followers from around the world! Thank you for being apart of our blog!



How do You Paint Vampire Teeth with Makeup?

To paint vampire teeth you will need the following colors. If you only have white face paint and fake blood or lipstick you can also make it work.

Red Face Paint - Black Face Paint - White Face Paint
Small Round Brush

Vampire Teeth Tutorial

Above and below you can see the steps I took to paint simple vampire teeth.

Step 1 - I used Fusion White Face Paint for the curved pointy Fangs on the outer corners of the bottom lip. Try to make them look big enough to notice but not so big that they look like they are pizza slices or for a saber tooth tiger. 

Step 2 - I edged the fangs with red and then mixed a little black into the red to make a darker shade to line them with more contrast.

Step 3 - I made very small blood drops with a round brush,

Step 4 - For the last image I added a hit of grey shadow by mixing the black with white, and I outlined them with a little more black to make them stand out even more. If you do want to outline in black make sure the person you are painting is VERY still and your brush work is VERY thin. 

Step 5 - I splattered blood on my face with a wet red paint brush, splattering the most around the mouth and some near my eyes.
I splotched shades of red on my lips to make them look bloody and bruisy.

Vampire Teeth Tutorial by Anna Wilinski

The teeth were the last step to this vampire design. Here are the steps for the base makeup shading and wrinkles.

 For this look I used Starblend White for the base and  Ben Nye Rainbow Powder Studio Palette for the eye shadow and shading. I also used Starblend Black for some darker shading on the jaw line but I could have used the black in the Ben Nye palette as well.  

Step 1 - I used a soft droplet sponge and a Royal Complexion Brush to apply the dry  Starblend White  to my face. I made sure to put some lotion on my skin before adding the Starblends. The lotion acts as a primer for the powders to stick better to. You can also use white face paint that activates with water, but it will look a lot more opaque and less ghostly. I also like how the eye shadows blend in to the powder base more than the face paint base. 

Step 2 - I added dark shadows around the eyes with Ben Nye Passion Purple and the teals and blues in the Ben Nye Rainbow Powder Studio Palette. The trick is to add the dark colors and then blend them in with the white using a white smoothie or fluffy brush. I like to use the Bolt Blooming Brush for adding shadows around the eyes, temples, cheek hallows, nose and smile lines.


Final Vampire Face Paint Design Anna Wilinski
Step 4 - This final step make the vampire look a little older. I followed my natural wrinkles with a thin round brush loaded in watery black. I made sure to get my forehead, scowl lines, crows feet and jowl and nostril lines. I also added more eye brow hairs and and added a dimple to my chin. 

What Can I Use for Vampire Teeth?

Besides makeup there are a tooth camps, dentures and form fitting inserts that you can use to have more realistic vampire teeth. We carry Blood Lust Dental Distortions, which are amazing Vampire teeth that are used on Hollywood sets.

Dental Distortions Blood Lust Fake Vampire Teeth at Jest Paint
Dental distortions application information


How to Face Paint  a Cute Vampire?


Vampire step by step
Step 1 - Use face paint to paint a lilac purple base. I used Fusion Lovely Lilac for this vampire.
Step 2 - Use a pink color for blush to shape the cheek bones and to paint the lips.
Step 3 - Paint a bright eye shadow like the light blue one that we chose.
Step 4 - Paint white vampire teeth and outline  with a thin brush in black. The teeth look best out towards the outer corners of the mouth, painted over the bottom lip. For this design we added a little black bat and blackened in the eye brows. 

What can I use for Fake Blood?


A blue ice vampire Thomas Bartley
Thomas Bartley painted this incredible royal vampire. Vampires may have horns, claws and beaks according to fictional accounts. These teeth are covered in Fake Blood, you can't even see them. We carry blood by a lot of brands, you can find it by searching our Special FX category at Jest Paint or clicking here to see the Fake Blood that we carry. 

Do Vampires have Claws?

If you want to accents your costume with Creepy Claws check out the ones bye Dental Distortions below. 

How to Paint a Dracula Makeup?

Amanda Suzanne Shane Vampire.jpg
Amanda Suzanne Shane's Vampire looks like he just raised out of the coffin. She added some red and blackish vein line lines around the face and accented his chin. 

How to Paint a Kid Like a Vampire?

Face Art by Terri Terri Thomson - vampire
This design by Face Art by Terri Terri Thomson is a great example of how you can paint a vampire without applying a solid foundation. It looks like she applied a sheer pearly white or gold highlighter to the face and then added red around the eyes and black shadows. The thin black eye brow hairs with white highlights and the highlights on the red lips make this simple design look very fancy. Notice that she didn't outline the teeth. This can often be the safest bet when painting kids because it is hard to outline and make them match and not get the black lines too thick.
Face Art by Terri Terri Thomson - vampire makeup
Here is another example by Terri Thompson that is spiced up by a big forehead stencil design in red and black. We have a lot of cool stencils that you can use by checking out our Stencil Page at Jest Paint. The tiny blood drips on her vampire fangs are so perfect and precise!

How to Paint a Female Vampire? 

vampire by Mimi Perez Face Painting Makeup
This incredible vampire by Mimi Perez shows how Face Painting Makeup can really transform someone. She used bruise colors to show the thin skin and to make the eyes look like they are hemorrhaging blood. She also created this bite marks on her neck to show how she is a new vampire, recently bitten and transformed. 
Sophia Le Glam Candy by Sophia - purple vixen - IG glamcandy_sophia
Sophia Le Glam Candy by Sophia painted this super scary yet spicy vampire with super darkened in eyes and purple shading and lips. (IG glamcandy_sophia)
NoName_13 from Pixabay - Free Image - Vampire Woman

NoName_13 created this cool image of a vampire ready to bite! he dark eye makeup and red lips were all it took. We like their digital addition of veins coming from the neck onto the face. 

Image by Three-shots from Pixabay Vampire in Towel

Image by Three-shots from Pixabay used eye liner, red contacts, fake fangs and red lips to transform this vampire that looks like she was caught coming out of the shower. 

What are some Vampire Costume Ideas?


VIKA GLITTER created this amazing image of a vampire getting ready to dine on a heart! Yikes! If you want to look like vampire and are not sure what to wear besides normal clothes like in Twilight, look into corsets, capes, and strange jewelry to give you a dark gothic look. 

AI VAMPIRE by Diversicat
AI Image by J B from Pixabay / Diversicat The black pants and white blouse might be easy to find, but you will need to look at costume rentals or get sewing to make this elaborate look!

How do I contour Vampire Makeup?

Ana Ochoa - Face Painting San Antonio zombie or vampire
I am getting zombie and vampire vibes from this cool, flawlessly blended design by Ana Ochoa of Face Painting San Antonio. You will want to contour the eyes, cheek bones, nose, chin, jawline and forehead to get a complete look! Vampires tend to look like they have hollowed long features.  

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