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The Importance of Face Painting Insurance: Protecting Your Artistry and Business

Face painting is a delightful art form that brings joy to people of all ages. You possess a unique talent for transforming faces into stunning works of art. 

Despite all the bright colors and glitter, operating a face painting business comes with certain risks. One accident, one disgruntled parent, or one allergic reaction could have you packing your paint kit away for good. That's where insurance for face painters steps in.

You likely have auto insurance, medical insurance, and homeowners/renter’s insurance for those “what if?” moments, so the team at Beauty & Bodywork Insurance (BBI) is here to tell you why you should probably have business insurance too.

Why You Need Face Painting Insurance

Face painting insurance is not just an optional add-on; it is a fundamental requirement for running a responsible and sustainable face painting business. 

Some of the most professional and prepared painters take time to prioritize their risk management. This is where you think about all the possible accidents that could happen, take steps to reduce the chance of anything occurring, and make an action plan just in case something does go wrong.

Part of this planning process should include getting insurance for face painters. That way if an accident does take place, you can have help paying for the claim. Knowing you have this level of financial protection gives both you and your clients peace of mind.

Risks Faced Without Face Painting Insurance

Working without insurance leaves you exposed to potential risks that can have severe consequences for your business. Here are some scenarios where having insurance for face painters can make a significant difference:

Allergic Reactions & Injuries: Even with the utmost care and high-quality products, there is always a risk of a client having an allergic reaction or sustaining an injury during a face painting session. Insurance coverage ensures you are protected from potential claims and lawsuits arising from such incidents.

Product-Related Issues: In the face painting industry, it's crucial to use safe and approved products. However, there is always a possibility of a product defect or contamination. If a client experiences any adverse effects due to a faulty or contaminated product, insurance can help cover legal expenses and protect your business from financial repercussions.

Property Damage: Accidents happen, and in the course of face painting events, there is a risk of damaging property, such as clothing, furniture, or equipment. Insurance can provide coverage for property damage claims, allowing you to handle such situations without significant financial burden.

4 Ways Insurance Can Boost Your Business

Obtaining face painting insurance goes beyond mere protection; it can also positively impact your business in several ways:

  1. Peace Of Mind

Running a business involves inherent risks, but having insurance in place offers peace of mind. With the right coverage, you can focus on your artistry and provide exceptional service to clients, knowing that you have protection in case the unexpected occurs.

  1. Expanded Opportunities

Insurance opens doors to new opportunities. Many larger events, corporate functions, and venues require face painters to carry insurance coverage. By being properly insured, you can access these high-profile events and expand your client base, leading to increased visibility and potential business growth.

  1. Professional Image

Being insured demonstrates professionalism and responsibility to clients, event organizers, and fellow artists. It enhances your reputation as a trustworthy and reliable face painter, boosting your credibility in the industry.

  1. Financial Security

Insurance safeguards your financial well-being by providing coverage for legal expenses, liability claims, and potential damages. In the event of a claim or lawsuit, insurance helps protect your personal assets, ensuring that your business can continue to thrive even during challenging times.

Real Life Insurance Claims BBI Helped Face Painters Handle

Allergic Reactions to Face Paint

One of the most common claims we see involve allergic reactions to face paint. These incidents have ranged from a minor rash ($789) to a life-threatening reaction with a client in the hospital ($49,873). Despite the face painters using the correct products, they had no way of knowing how someone would react to the paint. 

Skin Rash from Temporary Tattoos

Hours after receiving a temporary tattoo at an event, a client began to experience an allergic reaction. The severe skin rash caused itchy, inflamed skin that turned into blistering welts. The client held the face painter responsible for the allergic reaction, asking them to cover the cost of their medical bills to treat the rash ($1,183). 

Eye Irritation from Face Paint

It can always be a little risky working so close to someone's eyes, and such was the case for one face painter. A single brush stroke sent a splatter of glittery paint into a client’s eye. This reacted with the contacts the client was wearing, causing an infection. The face painter was left footing the bill ($3,468) for medical treatment and new contacts.

Skin Discoloration from Body Paint

Most professionals know darker dyes and paints, like henna, can be harder to remove and leave a lingering mark on the skin that typically washes away. Unfortunately, one client was left with a “stain” that took much longer to fade. The skin discoloration led to a very angry client who sought legal action against the artist ($14,762). Even though the incident was not the artist's fault, and ultimately was the result of a faulty product, they still had to prove their innocence. 

Face Painting Insurance Tailored To YOU

At BBI, we know no two face painters are alike. Each artist has their own style and speciality—and all of them deserve to be covered with the same high quality care and protection. That’s why we created a customizable face painting insurance plan (and it starts at just $96 for a whole year of coverage). 

We’ve combined General & Professional Liability insurance into one policy to make it easy for you to have all the coverage you need in one place. Our insurance for face painters covers most types of artists, including Glitter Tattoo Artists, Henna Artists, Face and Body Painters, and Airbrush Makeup Artists. We also offer nationwide coverage, so you can go from a birthday party in Pennsylvania to a carnival in California without worrying about buying a new policy.

You can learn more about our face painting insurance here.

Whether you’re an on-the-go artist or a home-based body painter, insurance is a vital investment for any professional painter. It provides essential protection against potential risks, ensures your credibility and professionalism, and gives you peace of mind to focus on your artistry. 

By understanding the importance of insurance, you can safeguard your business, reputation, and financial stability. Don't overlook this critical aspect of running a face painting business—secure the right insurance coverage and paint your way to a successful and protected future.


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