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Top 20 Silly Farm Face Paints and Tools Available At Jest Paint

Let's face it. Face painters simply love to use Silly Farm products! Silly Farm supplies have been producing amazing face painting products for over two decades, and each year they come up with something new and exciting to face painters to try.

We are also a fan of some of Silly Farm's best products, and we would love to share our top twenty picks based on our experience.
Of course, each individual has their own preferences, which are just ours, but feel free to leave a comment with which Silly Farm product you can not live without!

Remember that Silly Farm makes many different products, from Rainbow Cakes, Arty Cakes, Brushes, Sponges, Jewels, solid face paints, and more! The list below is not in any particular order, but it simply represents which Silly Farm face paints and products you think you should try! Let the fun begin!

Silly Farm Rainbow Cakes: these beauties have been around for a long time. They used to come in round containers but a few years back Silly farm joined the trend of rectangular containers and created these amazing mega large Rainbow Cakes with Stackable containers. Now, there are like a million to choose from (ok, not a million, but close). So, which ones do we think you should try:

1. First of all, we think you should go for Neon Rainbow, it is exquisite, super vibrant, and a top seller within our Silly Farm face paints range.

Silly Farm Neon Rainbow Cake
2. Our second choice for an amazing Silly Farm Rainbow Cake would be Brilliant Bling. This cake is perfect for creating tigers, lions, and the likes but with an extra shimmery look to make them look fancy and unique.
Silly Farm Brilliant Bling
3. One last but certainly not the last Silly Farm Rainbow Cake that is worth trying is called Snowflakes. This Silly Farm Rainbow Cake has the perfect combination of blue shades and white, with added shimmer, to make every winter-inspired design just magical!
Silly Farm Rainbow Cake Snowflakes
4. Silly Farm Arty Cakes: Silly farm Arty Cakes are smaller versions of their large Rainbow Cakes, and they came into existence first. These compact but beautiful color-blasting cakes allow you to create instant magic with just a few strokes of your brush. There are so many Silly Farm Arty Cakes it is really hard for us to choose our top favorite ones, but these are all at the top of our list:

5. Silly Farm Arty Cake Neon Burst is an ultra bright (almost blinding!) small split cake that it's made for making kids smile! Who doesn't love neon?
Silly Farm Arty Cake Neon Burst
6. Silly Farm Arty Cake Slice is one of my favorite cakes. The shades go so well together, resembling a mermaid tale or a calm Caribbean sea. This cake just gives you a feeling of calmness. 
Silly Farm Arty Cake Slice
7. Silly Farm Arty Cake Juicy Fruit is likely one of the most popular and oldest Arty Cakes created. This perfect combination of warm colors creates a beautiful sunset feeling, but it can also be used for floral designs, fall-inspired princess crowns, and more. We just love the warm feeling it creates.
Silly Farm Arty Cake Juicy Fruit
8. Last but certainly not least, Silly Farm Arty Cake NYGlorious Lace Rose is probably one of the most creative and unique Arty Cakes we have seen. Created by a talented UK artist, NY Glorious, this cake is perfect for creating ghost roses and lace effects. No other cake compares to it.
Silly Farm Arty Cake NYGlorious Lace Rose
Silly Farm FAB Face Paints introduces some of the world's smoothest and brightest face paints. Created by the world-famous Superstar (which now offers their range labeled as the original Superstar to customers around the world) in collaboration with Silly Farm to come up with special new shades, these Silly Farm face paints offer one of the largest color selections available in the market, and they are all pretty!

9. FAB by Superstar | Face Paint - Tiger (Light Orange) is probably one of the brightest orange face paints to exist. We love how opaque but bright and happy it is. Without this cake on your kit, you can't paint a tiger, a pumpkin, or a fall design!
FAB by Superstar | Face Paint - Tiger (Light Orange)
10. FAB by Superstar | Face Paint - Bright Blue is also one of the brightest blue face paints out there. Designed by Superstar for Silly Farm, this color is bright and happy and will stay brilliant even when dried, unlike other blue shades. 
FAB by Superstar | Face Paint - Bright Blue
11. Another great Silly Farm FAB color also available in Superstar and created by the owners of Superstar is FAB by Superstar | Face Paint - Petrol Blue. This color is unique, as it has a depth that no other color has, inviting the eye to look deep into the color to see its blue shades mixed with some very dark teal and almost black tones. It is certainly hard to describe, but it is a must-have in your face painting kit. 
FAB by Superstar | Face Paint - Petrol Blue

Now let's look into Silly Farm's FAB Shimmer colors. If you have not tried them yet, you are missing out! FAB by Superstar is some of the most unique, shimmery, and iridescent colors on the market. It is REALLY hard to choose just a few (so get them all!) but here are a few must-have Silly Farm face paint colors:

12. Let's start with FAB by Superstar | Face Paint - Pearl Baby Pink Shimmer, a beautifully soft and gentle baby pink shimmer that is just ideal for painting fairies or adding as a background to floral designs.

FAB by Superstar | Face Paint - Pearl Baby Pink Shimmer
If you ever wanted to find a color that looked just like a shimmery Caribbean sea on a sunny summer day, this is the color for you! Silly Farm launched this color in collaboration with Superstar and made the most amazing shimmery turquoise/green you have likely ever seen. Once on the skin, its pearlescent effect is out of this world, and kids and adults will simply love it.
FAB by Superstar Face Paint - Ocean Shimmer Golden Green Shimmer
13. FAB by Superstar | Face Paint - ZIVA Blue Shimmer revolutionized the face painting world when it was first introduced. No other color before had achieved that incredible chromatic effect. Once applied to the skin Ziva Blue changes color slightly depending on how the light heats it. It is mesmerizing and worth seeing with your own eyes.
FAB by Superstar Face Paint - ZIVA Blue Shimmer

Now that we have gone over Silly Farm face paints let's go over their glitter! The former owner of Silly Farm created Mama Clown, and they have a beautiful collection of fine loose glitters to choose from. 

14. One of our favorite Silly Farm glitters is Mama Clown's Famous Glitter Face Paint Glitter Poof- Iridescent White Fairy Dust. This is such a versatile glitter since it goes well with any color of face paint as it is very holographic and translucent, letting the color beneath the glitter show.

Mama Clown's Famous Glitter Face Paint Glitter Poof- Iridescent White Fairy Dust
15. Now, if you are looking for a very special glitter color, Silly Farm created a beautiful orange/pink tropical style color that bursts with shimmer. It is called Mama Clown's Famous Glitter | Face Paint Glitter Poof - Iridescent Fruit Punch. This color makes all floral and butterfly designs stand out, and it is also great to make your fall designs shimmer like nuts!
Mama Clown's Famous Glitter Face Paint Glitter Poof - Iridescent Fruit Punch

Silly Farm also makes some amazing tools of the trade, like brushes, sponges, and gems. Their PaintPal line or brushes is versatile and covers a long range of needs with all of their different brush shapes.

16. Take, for example, this awesome collection, the Paint Pal | Face Painting Brush - Luxe Swirl Collection. It includes three liner/round brushes that are perfect for every occasion. You can make large details, small details, swirls, and twirls. These brushes from Silly Farm are great and come in a beautiful protecting tube to keep them in great shape for years to come.

Paint Pal | Face Painting Brush - Luxe Swirl Collection
17. If you want a great angle brush to create one-stroke style designs, Cameron Garret has designed a terrific short angle brush called Paint Pal | Face Painting Brush | Romantic Rose - 1/2" Angle for Silly Farm. The short bristles allow for great control of your brush, and its small size is ideal for creating small shapes like flowers, petals, and more.
Silly Farm Paint Pal Face Painting Brush Romantic Rose - 1-2inch Angle
18. Another must-have brush by Silly Farm is their Paint Pal | Face Painting Brush - Flower Power Sparkle. This brush is superb when it comes to creating flower petals. Simply load it with one or two colors and stamp it against the skin to make cute petals.
Paint Pal Face Painting Brush - Flower Power Sparkle

19. One of the most sought-after and practical Silly Farm supplies products is their Brush Bath. Brush Bath was created to help you clean your face painting brushes, and your skin using gentle cleansers that are great for sensitive skin. Brush Bath is an excellent addition to your kit and will help you look even more professional in front of your customers.
Brush Bath by Silly Farm

If you have not tried Silly Farm's face painting sponges, you are missing out, big time! These sponges are divine! They have a soft yet firm feeling, they come in a beautiful light blue color, and they can be washed and re-used many, many, many times!

20. See, for example, one of our favorite ones, the Silly Farm Paint Pal Face Painting Sponges - PETAL sponges. These little petal-shaped sponges are perfect to go over the eye, to use as stamps to create little wings or to lay down any base color simply. 

Silly Farm Paint Pal Face Painting Sponges - PETAL Pack of 6

    This concludes our review of the top 20 Silly Farm face paints and tools available at Jest Paint. We hope that you have enjoyed reading our reviews, and please don't forget to leave a comment below with your top pics!

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