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The Best Face Painting Kits For Kids & Adults To Channel Artistic Expression

Face painting kits are ideal for creating a year-round fun activity, and face painting for kids and adults continues to be a massive trend around the world, with festivals, carnivals, weddings, birthday parties, and more relying on face painting as a form of entertainment. And you don't need to let the fun end there; you can bring the fun home by purchasing your own face painting kit and enjoy watching little kids (and adults!) light up and turn into their favorite character or getting that tattoo they always wanted (in a temporary form, of course!).

Getting face painted is no small thing for anyone. Sometimes little kids have waited for months to get their faces painted as their most beloved characters or the most recent cartoon to be released on the big screen. Some adults have never experienced the art of face paint before, and their first time becomes a truly magical moment.

Do you need help with your face painting skills? Read our FREE Face Painting Guide to learn how to face paint and make the most out of your face painting kits.

Now that social distancing is becoming less common, and we can gather and celebrate again, we can enjoy the art of face paint and walk around like a crazy monkey with our faces painted, glitter tattoos, crazy hair, and even waterproof face paint for those crazy hot summer days.

We handpicked five face painting kits that we consider to be the best of the best within their category. Some are small and inexpensive, enough to get you started with good quality face paints. Some are more expensive and ready to turn you into a professional full-time face painter! Most kits come with their own brushes, and some have glitter, sponges, stencils, and more. Most importantly, you won't find cheap Amazon-style face painting kits here—only professional-grade products that you will see at amusement parks and popular carnivals around the country.

Best Face Painting Kits

That is a critical distinction between what many popular sites list as the best face painting kits and what we list. If you want professional-grade products, hypoallergenic, makeup grade, designed with the highest quality ingredients, you won't find those at costume stores or big online retailers. These face painting kits are only found at professional face paint stores. We are talking about face paint that goes on little kids' faces, and we should not just worry about the price; quality and safety should come first. When you buy from a professional store, you know that you will receive dedicated service from professional face painters to assist you along the way.

Best Face Paint Kits

Jest Paint SUPER SAVER Bundle - PRO 1 Stroke Face Painting Kit for Parents & Kids w/ Fusion
If you are looking for a small face painting kit that is compact yet packed with rainbows, this is the one! We designed this kit for those who want to learn how to face paint one-stroke face painting designs while we wait out the "Stay at Home" orders worldwide. Save money when you buy this fantastic kit for a limited time only! There are thousands of videos to watch on YouTube to learn the one-stroke technique, and it is a perfect activity for creative kids and adults who want to try something new. Paint roses, snakes, dragons, fish, flames, kittens, puppies, horses, dolphins, sharks, butterflies, unicorns, sports, and video game designs. The possibilities are endless!
Jest Paint Bundle | Fusion Body Art Sampler Palette Kit
This palette is a great way to try out the Fusion Body Art line of face paints. This face painting palette contains ten vibrant colors and a black and white cake that are good for a wide variety of designs for boys and girls and makes a great face painting travel kit or a valuable addition to your face paint set up. I love this kit because it truly has the most basic colors that every face painter needs all in one palette! It is excellent as a travel kit, a walk-around kit, a fundraising kit, a gift for a new face painter or a kid, or just the perfect way to test the Fusion Body Art brand. 
Superstar Face Paint Bundle | Super Starter Face Painting Kit
Superstars' soft creamy colors are easy to use. They are perfect for professional face painters and makeup artists but are also ideal for new artists. Superstar Face and body makeup can be applied with a wet makeup brush or sponge. Moisten your face painting tool with water and load up the paint until you get a nice opaque consistency. Apply the paint to the face or body using smooth brush strokes or patting your sponge until you get a bold opaque coverage. The best way to remove Superstar paints is with a warm soapy sponge or cloth. Using soap first will help break down the paint before it spreads with water. You can also use a makeup remover to take off this face paint. If you are looking for Vegan face paint that is perfume free and hypoallergenic, you will love Superstar!
Mehron | (KMP-FPK) Paradise Face Paint Premium Makeup Kit w/ added Lagoon Blue
Mehron created a nice little Paradise face painting kit to let you get a taste of the face painting world or to give as a gift to the budding artists in your life. You can mix lighter shades of colors by adding white to the darker colors in the palette. Each color has seven grams of paint. We added a blue to this kit to complete the rainbow. The Premium Makeup Kit is perfect for birthday parties, school fundraisers, and Halloween makeup.
The Professional Face Painting Dream Kit | Bundle Featuring FUSION Body Art Face Paints
Fusion face paints are water-activated. All you have to do is dip your sponge or brush in clean water and wipe your tool against the cake of paint until you can see that you have the paint well loaded. Make sure that you don't have too much water on your sponge or brush, or it will drip, and make sure that your sponge or brush isn't too dry or it will not go onto the skin. If you need to add more water to your tool, just dip the tip into the water. Make sure to apply your face paints onto clean, dry skin. Once it is on, Fusion face paints will dry quickly and will be smudge-proof. Fusion paints are easy to wash off too! Just use a cloth or sponge loaded with skin-safe soap and rub the soap into the face paint until it is all loosened from the skin. Wipe the paint off gently and then rinse off with water. You can use makeup remover or an oil-based product to remove face paint that is near the eyes or stubborn to get off. 

A few things to keep in mind when buying a face painting kit:

  • Make sure the face paints are water-activated and not oil based. Oil-based face paints are hard to use, hard to wash off, and you can not create very detailed designs.
  • Make sure the product comes from a well-recognized PROFESSIONAL brand that has customer support in your country. Products being sold directly from Asia or by big online retailers that sell everything from toilet paper to cooking oil to face paints is not usually the best source as they do not have the knowledge it takes to produce a quality and safe face painting product.
  • Read reviews, and do your research. Cheap products are cheap for a reason: very little pigmented, dubious pigments being used, and no customer service representatives for the specific brand.



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