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Fun Face Painting Ideas and Craft Projects to do with Your Kids While Staying Home due to Covid - 19 / Coronavirus

Well 2020 sure came with a big unexpected surprise for kids and their families all over the world! I know all of us at Jest Paint were caught off guard! Who knew that most of us would be stuck inside most of the time, and that we would not be able to go to school or work for weeks at a time!?
The Covid-19 virus keeps spreading around the world and following the Stay Home orders is the best thing we can do to limit the spread of the virus so that everyone stays healthy and so that life can go back to normal as soon as possible.
Trying to steer clear of the coronavirus by hunkering down can make people a little antsy, bored and many are losing track of time. A plus side to being in quarantine is that a lot of families are eating more meals together than they have in years and kids and adults are developing new hobbies and skills! 
Face Painting Craft ideas corona virus covid-19 stay home stay safe
  What are your kids doing all day to keep busy once their home work is done? I know my kids are playing a lot of video games and watching a lot of TV. It is like summer vacation all over again! After awhile our brains will crave something new and fun to do, so I came up with a list of things that we can do as a family to keep things fun, and I wanted to share some of these easy projects with you!
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Crafty Kid treasure box subsciption
face painting one stroke art crafts for kids
This blog is full of different ways to use the face paints that you already have to make games, craft projects, useful things to organize your stuff, funny theme parties to have with your family and face paint challenges! Grab your face paints and get ready to learn new ways to use them when you run out of skin! If you don't have face paints, check out all of our super safe and easy to use Beginner Face Painting Kits here at Jest Paint. Below you will see a Carnival Palette that I use to do a lot of the crafty projects on this page. If you check out the kit below, it is at a super reduced price for a limited time, so that kids can try face painting and get in on the fun while we are in quarantine.
Global one stroke face painting kit craft kit

Crafty with face paint Banner


Window Painting 

During the Stay Home orders that have been established because of Covid-19 coronavirus,  people around the world started doing things to spread a little happiness to those outside their windows! There are groups on Facebook of people painting rainbows for kids to spot when taking walks, or covering their glass doors and windows with colorful hearts! Painting windows is easy with face paint, just make sure that the paint is wet enough to slide on the glass but not drippy. If it drips it is easy to fix with a wet paper towel or rag. Paint whatever your heart desires in your window, pictures, words or simple designs. Once you want to remove the paint just wipe it away with a soapy sponge or wash cloth. Once you are out of quarantine you might want to paint new images to celebrate life starting to get back to normal. Think about all of the holidays you can paint your windows for too! 

Window Painting Rainbows Covid-19 Coronavirus Stay Home Stay Safe Face Paint

Pencil Cup Holder Etc. with Jazzy Labels!

Tape or glue a piece of white paper around glass yogurt jars, jelly or peanut butter jars. Measure the paper to fit around the flattest area of the container. It is easiest if you paint the paper before putting it on the container. Paint stripes, butterflies, flowers, animals, polka dots, you name it, you can paint it to match your bedroom or desk area. Cover the whole paper with tape to make it extra durable.

DIY jar labels with face paint covid-19 corona virus stay home stay safe crafts

Painted Paper Hands!

Trace you hand on a piece of paper and then paint cool designs all over it. Cut it out and tape the hand anywhere you are allowed to, like on your bedroom door or wall. Using face paint rainbow cakes makes painting a lot faster and it looks amazing! Paint multiple hands to attach together in a circle, or for leaves on a tree for an interesting piece of art!
DIY painted hands rainbow cakes face paint covid-19 corona virus stay home stay safe crafts

Create a Super Fun Face Painting Board Game!

Use the cardboard from an old cereal box and flatten it out. Cut off the flaps and glue white paper to the cardboard, or if the cardboard isn't too dark paint right on top of it. Start with a START space and use a flat brush loaded with a rainbow split cake to draw out a trail. Use a marker or the edge of the flat brush to draw lines to create squares on the train.  Write face paint challenges on some of the squares, like “Paint a heart on the face of the person to your left” , “Poof Glitter on yourself” or “Paint big eye brows on anyone you choose.” You can have spaces like “Make Two Steps Back” or “Move Forward 5 Spaces” too.  Decorate your board in any theme you want. You can paint it with rainbow colors, or like a graveyard if you want to make all sorts of spooky challenges like “Paint blood coming out of someone’s nose” etc. Use the crafty ideas attached  Word document to print out the challenges if you don’t want to write your own. Make sure to take pictures while playing to share with your family and friends!

DIY GAME BOARD face paint covid-19 corona virus stay home stay safe crafts 

Paint Some Crazy Labels!

Stuck at home with nothing to do sometimes? This is a perfect time to do those things around the house that you always wanted to, but didn't have the time, and your kids can help! Do you need to get more organized and have a lot of boxes of random toys? Use rainbow cakes to paint big colorful shapes. Cut them out and then use a marker to write the category on. Cover the whole label with tape to make sure that they don't peel off when your kids grab their toy boxes. Another easy way to make small labels is to paint rainbows across some printer labels and then print or write category names on the labels. Now you can just peel and stick them wherever they need to go.  DIY toy box labels with face paint covid-19 corona virus stay home stay safe crafts

DIY Wrapping Paper

Grab your rainbow cakes are start painting wild patterns, shapes, cartoons, flowers...anything you want! Personalize your gift with this super easy to make wrapping paper. Someone at home might be celebrating their birthday stuck at home. Here is a fun way to make their birthday special! Use printer paper, or any kind of craft paper you have to paint a stack of paper to use for all of the presents you will need to wrap in the coming year. Once this covid-19 virus has been wiped out, we are all going to need to catch up on missed birthdays and other kinds of celebrations!

DIY Wrapping Paper - Covid-19 Coronavirus Crafts for Kids Face Paint

Under the Sea Magnets and More!

Have you always wanted a fish tank but don’t have one? Create your own fantasy fish or google pics of fish that you can use to inspire your fish painted fish. Rainbow cakes are perfect for painting bright tropical fish. You can cut up old fridge magnets and tape them to your fish. Add some sand, seaweed, rocks and bubbles with more paper cut outs. Now have fun moving your fish and other sea creatures around the fridge every day! Open the attached crafty ideas word document to find some fish outlines if you want to print them out. 

face painting tropical fish arts and crafts for kids magnets

Send Some Love with these Greeting Cards!

You don't need a postage stamp to paint a fun greeting card! Just send a picture of it to the person you love via email or social media. The cards above were painted by our face painter friends. Some were for nurses taking care of us during the coronavirus outbreak, others were messages to the mail man, close friends and cards for grand children. You can check out tutorials on YouTube to learn how to paint one stroke flowers with your rainbow cakes, or you can just paint anything that you think the other person would enjoy! Add glitter glue, gems, stickers etc. to make your cards even  wilder! Don't forget that you can paint colorful envelopes and gift tags too!

Greeting cards DIY with face paint

Mandala Art

Covid-19 got your little ones a little tense? Print out a Mandala Template here and then go wild painting your own beautiful Mandala with your rainbow cakes! The circular patterns are east to paint, and focusing on keeping it symmetrical helps distract your mind for a little while and can be very relaxing.  You can paint mandalas on arms, legs and backs too! I painted the one below while sitting on the beach in Ipanema. Ooh...those were the days! 

mandala painting face paint and body art


Butterfly Plant Pokers

Paint a bunch of butterflies with your rainbow cakes and flat brushes, cover them in tape to make the paper waterproof, and then cut them out and tape them on wooden skewers. Stick them in your potted plants. Try out lady bugs, caterpillars, ants, and grasshoppers too! See the attached page with insect cut out at the bottom of this post. Open the attached crafty ideas word document to find some insect clip art if you want to print them out.

Butterfly plant pokers

Painted Landscapes 

Paint some trees, water, rocks, sand, animals, sunset and more with rainbow cakes! Create your own magical worlds! You can also places out of this world, like planets and stars, a nebula and meteors. Add some space ships, UFOs, and satellites if you want! Below is a fun beach scene with a monkey looking out into the distance. 

 painting landscapes and cute animals

Other Crafty Face Paint Ideas

Paint Party Hats

Face paint is a perfect tool to paint really fun party hats! Are you stuck at home on your birthday, or is someone else in your family having to celebrate their birthday at home? Take white printer paper and roll it to make a cone shape or cut it up to make even fancier hat styles. Use your rainbow cakes to paint animals, stripes, circles, unicorns, butterflies etc all over your hats! If you have baseball hats, head bands or stocking caps you can attach your hats to them for a better fit. Write people's names on their hats with a small flat or angle face paint brush loaded in one of your rainbow cakes. 


Is your bedroom looking a little bare? A fast way to decorate is to cut a bunch of triangles that are the same size, or varied sizes and then pick a theme and paint away. You can paint simple rainbow stripes across the triangles, or polka dots! Open the attached crafty ideas word document to find some pennant outlines if you want to print them out.


Doll Disguises with Face Paint Masks

Want to have a masquerade party with your dolls? If you use face paint on your dolls it might not wash off, but you can paint a party mask for them. Pick a design and then cut out a mask shape from paper and cut out holes for their eyes. Paint your mask and once it is dry cover the back side of the mask with packing tape so that it doesn’t rip. You could make animal masks, super hero masks, or mardi gras masks. Add glitter, feathers and gems if you have them laying around. While you are at it you could paint a mask for your self and take a twinsie photo with your doll!

Painted Ornaments 

It is never to early to start making decorations for the holidays that are coming up! Put tape on the back side of a plain sheet of paper, and then paint designs on paper. Cut out the designs and punch a hole in the top to hang a loop of string to hang from your Christmas Tree, door knob, coat rack etc. You can paint on both sides of the paper before you coat them with tape if you expect them to spin around. You can also paint strips of paper and curl them to make spiral ornaments. 

Paper Lanterns

Paint sheets of white paper and then fold the paper to make a lantern. Put a battery-operated candle inside and watch it glow!

Paint Landscapes 

Paint some trees, water, rocks, sand, animals, sunset and more with rainbow cakes! Create your own magical worlds! You can also places out of this world, like planets and stars, a nebula and meteors. Add some space ships, UFOs, and satellites if you want! 

 painting landscapes and cute animals

 Below are ideas for face painting your self and others to have some fun and pass the time! Face painting is a safe and easy way to express your creativity, transform into something else for the day, and it makes for great photo ops! Parents like face painting activities with the high quality paints that we sell at Jest Paint because they are high quality cosmetics with safe base ingredients and pigments which means that they are hypo-allergenic and easy to wash off at the end of the day. 

fun face painting ideas corona virus


Face Paint with your Eyes Closed 

Find someone else to paint along with you, or do it alone. Make sure to move very slow and carefully when painting, so that you don’t poke yourself or someone else in the eye or nose with your brush. You can paint a random design or challenge yourself to paint some thing in particular like a tiger or a butterfly. You can open your eyes when loading your paint, but then you have to close the up whenever you are facing the face you are painting.

Painted Socks Party

Tired of painting your face? Why not paint your feet! Make sure to start with clean feet and put some thing on the floor to protect it while you paint. Spend some time painting wild socks, or shoes and socks if you want! Check out these tips on how to paint a patch if you want to make it look like you have one sewn on one of your socks.The middle image give you a good idea of how to paint realistic fabric for your socks as well, if you have a lot of time on your hands! I used a Bolt #1 Thin Round Brush to make these fine details. 

patch work face paint image body painting

Mustache Party

Is it lunch time and you are bored being at home for the zillionth day in row? How about call the family together for a mustache lunch party! Have fun painting all kinds of mustaches and beards on each other and then sit down to enjoy your meal. Take funny pictures to send to your grandparents and friends!

Upside-down Funny Faces

Instead of watching TV all evening take 30 minutes or so to paint an upside down face on yourself or someone in your family! The idea is that the eyes and nose get painted on their chin, and their mouth is the mouth of the funny face. Once you have painted them you can cover the rest of their face with a shirt and then take a video of them singing a song, imitating someone famous, telling jokes, or making weird noises with their mouth. You can paint a person, an animal or a fantasy creature this way.

Monster Mash

Pick your favorite monsters from movies and paint yourselves up for a fun family dance party. Dim the lights and search for Halloween dance music and just go crazy for a little while! When you are home all day it is important to exercise, and there is no funner way to exercise than to dance like crazy. Check youtube for some dance along instruction videos if you need some inspiration to keep you going!Zombies

Zombie Dance Party

There are a lot of ways to face paint yourself as a zombie. Grab your face paint and get yourself ready for a Zombie Quarantine Dance Party in no time! Paint the backs of your hands and arms to complete the creepy decaying zombie. You will just need some white, black and red face paint to get started. You can add some yellow or green if you want your zombie to look even more rotten and moldy! Make sure to take a lot of pictures to share with your family and friends to give them a laugh. 

Face Paint Mash Up Challenge

Write things, animals, places, colors, shapes, flowers, insects etc on little pieces of paper and put them in a hat or bowl. Pick two or more pieces randomly and paint a mashup design that combines the two things. You might end up with a tiger rabbit or a fire rose. Check out the cute heart, scale, puppy mash up by the amazing Svetlana Keller!

Svetlana keller heart puppy face painting

Be a Work of Art!

Paint yourself in a fun art style. Pointillism like the paintings by Georges Seurat, abstract or surrealistic art like Pablo Picasso, swirly strokes like Vincent Van Gogh, messy splatter art like Jackson Pollock, POP ART  like the works of Andy Warhol and Keith Herring…the list goes on for inspiration! Now, chose a style and try to paint yourself as an animal, a butterfly or paint a cool picture on your skin to match the style.  You can even paint yourself as a human so that you look like a living painting!


Wild Animal Night

Turn your house into a zoo! Sometimes it feels like we are in a cage these days, why not dress up and be an animal for a few hours. Have everyone pick their own animal and help each other paint on the spots, stripes, scales etc. Maybe make a meal that you can eat with your hands, or without your hands at all! A family photo at the dinner table will be one that you print and put on the fridge so that you never forget the time you spent in quarantine together. 

wild animals face painting ideas

Vampire Dinner

Paint everyone a pale shade of white, sponge in some light grey shadows under the cheekbones, around the eyes and on the temples so that it looks like your family hasn’t seen the light of day in a white. Paint sharp teeth with perhaps a little blood dripping of them and some angled black eyebrows and maybe a black widows peak at the hair line and you are ready for a vampire dinner! Eat something red like spaghetti or tomato soup to make you dinner look a little more creepy!

Royal Picnic

Turn everyone into a royalty! Tonight have some fun painting crowns on everyone in your family and spend your dinner talking like you think royals do. Try to mind your manner at the table for as long as you can! Decide who is the who, it doesn’t have to be the obvious choices either!princesses face painting blog

Golden Years Party

Gather your family around the dinner table after painting them to look 20 or more years older. Old age makeup is easy because you just need brown and white face paint, and you follow the natural lines that your face gets when you smile, frown or look angry. Fill in those lines with the darkest shade of brown and then mix in some white and highlight the dark lines that you made. The stronger the contrast the deeper the wrinkles will look. You can add some age spots by splattering brown paint onto the face, and you can also paint some moles. Paint your eyebrows white or grey, and even your roots or all your hair if you want to! Painting on a beard or mustache can also be fun. Try to dress up to match your looks. Sweaters, scarves and hats will help turn the clock forward! Practice you old age walk and talk and have some fun taking a peak into the future.

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Stay Home and Stay Safe and HAVE FUN!

I hope you likes these ideas for staying busy while in quarantine. Keep having fun with your face paints and practice, practice, practice so when this is all over you can paint your friends that you haven't seen in awhile and have even more fun! If you think of any other really cool face painting ideas, games or crafts, let me know at Take care everyone and thanks for your support during this challenging time! It really means so much to us and is helping us keep Jest Paint going! Virtual Hugs and Love! 

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