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Easter and Spring Time Face Painting Tips and Inspiration!!

Hello face painters! This post is for parents, new artists and seasoned pros! It is that time of year for fuzzy bunnies, colorful eggs and symbols of the cross. Easter is celebrated in the secular and non-secular world to celebrate spring, new life and in the Christian religion, Jesus rising from the dead. If you are looking for a little inspiration this Easter for designs that you can paint at Sunday School, an Easter egg hunt, or for family parties, this blog is for you!

Happy Easter Face Painting Eggs and bunnies Jest Paint

Easter Eggs

Nothing says Easter like a colorful Easter Egg! Check out the tips below to create your beautiful face paint Easter Eggs this year!Easter Egg face painting

 I used a cake from the Leanne's Tropical Collection by Fusion Body Art for the egg above. The Leanne's Flower Fairy cake I used from the palette has a perfect blend of spring time colors! It is also available in the 30 gram size. 

Painting Easter eggs can be as simple as using a stencil, or as fancy as painting your own one stroke designs on them. You can use the technique above where you squeeze a Splash Tear Drop sponge or you can use a Splash droplet sponge to make varying sizes of eggs, like in the image below. Anna Wilinski face painting easter eggs jest paint

Another option is to paint the base color and stencil a patterns on top! You can use any kind of stencil, but we have made it super easy to use the TAP Easter Egg Stencil! You can sponge on a solid color through the stencil or sponge on multiple colors from a rainbow cake at the same time. 



Check out the placement of all of these Easter Bunnies! You can paint them the cheek, on the forehead, around one eye or even jumping over the rainbow! Easter bunnies come in all shapes, colors and sizes! You can paint them with on 1 stroke cake, with just solid colors on a brush, with a dauber sponge, or even a stencil. Surround your bunnies with grass, eggs, flowers or glitter to incorporate them into the face. Notice how face painters Andrea Ka and Emma Salmons painted just the face and arms of some of their little bunnies to make a big impact. Andrea K face painting easter bunnies Depending on how fast you have to paint your bunnies, you can paint just the head or the whole body. You can save time by painting little black dots for the eyes versus big colorful eyes. Practice using a fine round brush to paint fluffy bunny hair and thin whiskers. Notice how face painters Andrea Ka and Emma Salmons painted just the face and arms of some of their little bunnies to make a big impact. This gives you time to spend on the decorations around the bunnies, and they looks so cute peaking over the eye brows!Emma Salmons Bunny face painting

Bling it Up!

Emma Salmons 1 stroke bunny below is surrounded by colorful chunky glitter. You can also add stick on gems for eggs and flowers, or Liquid Bling to outline parts of the design. Adding glitter and bling will really impress your customers and have them calling you back for next year!  

Emma Salmons glitter bunny

Fancy Bunnies!

I used google for an inspiration pic for the bunny below. By changing the ear placement, proportions, accents and accessories I made the inspired by bunny my own. There are so many ways to paint an Easter Bunny, so search here and on google for bunnies that really speak to you and that you think would be easy to paint at a fast passed event or that are fancy enough for a slower paced high scale event like an Easter Brunch. 

Easter Bunny Tutuorial by Anna Wilinski face painting

Speedy Bunnies!

If you need to paint a ton of little faces really fast try out the Bunny Puff Balls! Daub a white ball with a dauber sponge or tip of your sponge, or even paint it on with a filbert or round brush. Once you have the ball you just need to add the ears and details, like pink cheeks and noses and fine black whiskers and outline. Surround your bunnies with Easter  Eggs, flowers, grass or bunch them under a rainbow. These look cute any where on the face or body!

Anna Wilinski Face painting easter bunny

Why not be the bunny?

It is fast and easy to paint on some white ears and muzzle to transform people into little Easter Bunnies. The design below by Hannah Combs is a perfect example of a fast and adorable little rabbit. Make sure you have long floppy ears, a pink triangle nose, and long thin whiskers. Pink blush on the cheeks is a fast way to fill in the face and give your bunnies a fresh look. Try colors like blue, purple, or green for the ears or nose to suite all of you customers likes!


Hannah Combs Be the bunny face painting

Springtime Flowers

Easter and spring go hand in hand around many parts of the world. Adding flowers to your designs will give them an instant Easter feel. You can paint a cross with flowers around it, or a little lamb sitting in a pile of flowers.

Easter flowers

Check out this GIF showing how to make fast flowers. You first load your petal brush in white all the way to the top, and then you load the tip in a darker color. You can load it in a third even darker color if you want! 

Using a petal Brush Easter flowers

These super easy flowers can be used to create spring themed crowns! Oceana is decked out in a earthy crown on the left and a bright rainbow and petals eye mask on the right. The Bolt Blooming Brushes are perfect for popping on layers of bold petals. Add tiny white dots to the middle and that is it! 

Beautiful Spring Eye Masks

Flowers and crowns or flowers and rainbows are easy ways to make fast spring time fairy masks!

Anna Wilinski Face Painting Easter jest Paint

You can also paint beautiful Easter eye masks by using your 1 stroke cakes and a 3/4" brush to paint petals and leaves around the eyes. Read the steps to create this pretty Spring Time Fairy mask below. I used the Mermaids and Unicorns Palette by Fusion Body Art and a mix of Fusion Neon Yellow with Fusion White to get the soft yellow color around the eyes. Anna Wilinski Face painting Jest Paint Face Paint Fairy

Baby Chicks!

Baby Chick Face Painting anna wilinski

 I love painting my chicks popping out of eggs! I used a corner of a Splash Tear Drop Sponge loaded with white and a little light blue to dab on this Easter egg. I loaded a Bolt 3/4" flat brush with neon yellow and white to paint the fluffy chick, making sure he had big cheeks and wings ending in three feathers on each wing. I painted the diamond shaped beak with neon orange. I used a Bolt Blooming Brush to paint flower petals on the egg. I decided to enlarge the eyes after step three, and I added green grass by loading the 3/4" brush in a green gradient rainbow cake and stamping the tip of the brush against the skin to make the individual blades. 

Tips for Newbies

If you are new to face painting we have a lot of really great blog posts to help you choose your supplies and learn the basic skills to face paint! This post is our most complete guide that will help you get started : How to Face Paint - A Beginner Guide to Face Painting for Beginners and Parents


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