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Craft Stencils

 Stencils are a great tool for creating consistent and precise designs, especially for those who may not have steady hands or artistic skills. They can save time and effort when working on projects that require repetitive patterns or designs. Scales, starts, hearts, dots, flowers, butterflies, bats, mermaids, unicorns and fairies are the top stencils designs that we sell at Jest Paint.

When I am not face painting, I use craft stencils to paint scrapbooking sheets, cards, and wrapping paper, but you can also use them to paint cups, walls, furniture, toys, pottery, vehicles, and make temporary tattoos. 

Because stencils have so many uses they come in a huge variety of sizes and designs. In this blog post we are going to discuss what stencils we have available and how to use them for the best results. 



TIPS for Painting with Craft Stencils

At Jest Paint we have 13 lines of mylar craft stencils that you can choose from.   We also have two full lines of adhesive craft stencils. There are a lot of options online for stencils, but the quality is not always the same. We only sell high quality stencils that are made a either a flexible Mylar type plastic or 3 Layer Adhesive stencils, both styles are sturdy and flexible.

How to Get Good Quality Craft Stencils?

You are going to want to avoid cheap stencils that rip easily or have rough cut edges and poorly designed images.

Some stencils might look really cool but are very difficult to use because the image was planned without understanding how the final look will be once stenciled. Make sure to visualize the design by imagining that the cut outs will be one color and your back ground something else.

I always look to see if the stencils are well cut. Zoom into images online to make sure you don't see ragged edges.

Check to see if they have too many small details that won't show up or loose hanging pieces that will be difficult to stencil over, or pieces that are so thin that they may break off when using your preferred tools. 

I also like to check the spacing if multiple stencils are on one sheet. Will you have enough room to cleanly stencil one design without going over into the next design? You can always cover the neighboring designs with painters tape if needed, but that adds more work for you.

TAP stencil Dragon Design . Stenciled scales on the belly

What Tools should I use to apply paint through the stencils?

We also have Tools for Stenciling that you can use to create your crafty projects.

You will find finger dauber sponges and small kabuki's for working with small stencils, and larger sponges and brushes for larger stencils.

EZ STROKES | Finger Dauber Face Painting Sponge  - 1 Units - Dauber XL in packaging

Green Finger Daubers
These mini Kabuki's and blenders by Natalee Davies are perfect for using with small craft stencils. I apply an almost dry tacky paint load to the dry brush and stipple into my designs.

Where can I buy Craft Stencils? 

You can find plenty on our site by just entering the search word "stencil and the particular design" like "Cat Stencil" that you are looking for. Otherwise you can see our Mylar Stencil Collection Here, and our Adhesive Stencil Collection Here Art Factory Stencils and Glimmer Body Art Stencils .  Find out more about our stencils by reading below.


What paints can I use to airbrush stencil designs?

Using an airbrush will ensure very smooth gradual application of the paint, and there is less chance of the paint bleeding under the stencil if you aim from a distance at a low pressure. 

We do not carry airbrush equipment, but we do carry airbrush paint if you were interested in that. Here is our Airbrush Paint Collection. These can be used on the face and body as well as on paper crafts. Paints labeled as INKS will be more durable, but they may wash out of clothing. If you want a waterproof paint for clothes or crafts look into brands online like Createx. 

You may want some painters tape to make sure that you stencils do not move while  you are using them, and to enlarge the border around the stencil design. 





Just a reminder; you can use face paints for craft painting on paper and cardstock, so if you like the Unicorn Party Split cake below, check out all of our other face painting split cakes here. Make beautiful washes over your stencils or behind your stencil patterns. You can also hand paint multi-colored flowers, butterflies, patterns and long flowing ribbons with multiple colors all in the stroke of a brush. Mix these up with stencils and you will have endless scrapbooking possibilities!

Fusion Body Art Face Paint - Rainbow Cake | NEW Unicorn Party (no neons) 50gr by Jest Paint - swatch on arm

How are Craft Stencils used in Art?

You will want to choose the right craft stencil for the right job. Depending on if you are working on a flat surface or curved surface, you will want to pick either a mylar or adhesive stencil. Face painters use small flexible mylar stencils with very clear cuts for tiny details. These same stencils can be used for tons of crafts! The same goes for the Glitter Tattoo Stencils. They 3 layer stencils are perfect for applying a design on a curved surface. Here are some ideas of things you can paint with your craft stencils. If painting food, make sure to use food grade paints or powders.

  • scrapbooking
  • card making
  • decorating cookies or cupcakes
  • personalizing notebooks
  • decorating wrapping paper
  • embellishing signs
  • bike or motor cycle helmets
  • rollerblades
  • adding details to toy cars or miniatures
  • adding stencil textures to sculptures
  • airbrush t-shirts, shoes or hats
  • custom cell phone cases
  • nail decor
  • custom keychains
  • painting laptops
  • switch plates
  • name placards or name tags
  • gift bags
  • wedding decorations
  • Quinciñera momentos

We sell stencils in small, medium, large and extra large sizes for all of these projects.

What Small Craft Stencils can I use for Small Projects?

For small arts and crafts projects like decorating cupcakes, keychains, cell phone cases, and gift cards you might like our line of TAP STENCILS. These only measure 2 3/16" across. The little designs range from unicorns to flames, and there are also a lot of texture stencils. My favorite way to use them is in black over a colored back ground. They are cut with a CO2 laser, ensuring clean smooth edges.


Fusion Body Art Face Paint - Rainbow Cake | Rainbow Joy 50gr by Jest Paint design with TAP Dancing Fairy Stencil

TAP Stencil BannerShop TAP 076 Face Painting Stencil - Spring Garden - Face Painting Stencil - Jest Paint Stencils - Jest Paint - Face Paint Store



You can use Tap Stencils with an almost dry load of paint, filling in the holes with a stippling motion. 

What are good Craft Stencils for projects that are not flat? 

For curved objects like coffee mugs, shoes, sculptures etc. you may find it easier to use adhesive stencils. We have a huge variety of triple layer adhesive stencils that are often used for glitter tattoos with glitter and glue, but would be perfect for arts and crafts as well. These are usually single use stencils.

Art Factory Glitter Tattoo Stencils are usually the size of your palm or smaller. They are very sticky to ensure that paint doesn't drip under the stencil and you can wrap them around an object tightly. Add tape on the outer edges to protect the rest of your project if you are worried about over spray with an airbrush or over stippling with a sponge or kabuki brush. 


Art Factory Boho Feather Adhesive Stencil in Hand


There are designs that will appeal to all ages. Some are very sophisticated while others are perfect for little kids. You will find animal craft stencils, flower stencils, cars, sports and so much more!

Art Factory Octopus Adhesive Stencil in Hand

Here is what the Dolphin Jump stencil looks like when used with glitter and glue!

Art Factory Dolphin Jump Stencil design



Glimmer Body Art  also has a range of adhesive craft stencils that are great for small projects for for sprinkling around large projects. Check out their cute hearts, cheerleaders, flowers, princess crowns, rainbows, dinosaurs and many more. 

Glimmer Body Art |  Triple Layer Glitter Tattoo Stencils - 5 Pack - Princess - #39 in Hand

You can use these sticky craft stencils to decorate cell phone cases, shoes, notebooks, shot glasses and cups. Try it out with sparkly paint or glue with glitter for something extra special!

Glimmer Body Art |  Triple Layer Glitter Tattoo Stencils - 5 Pack - Skull Flame - #82 in Hand


Stencils with Glitter


What Medium sized Craft Stencils can I use for Art Projects? 

Superstar Craft Stencils

SUPERSTAR CRAFT STENCILS have some of the most popular designs for artsy additions to your craft projects. Check out the gears below that would look great on a steampunk inspired sign or product. 

Superstar  | Face Painting Stencil - Steam Punk   77010 - Buy at Jest Paint Store - Gear Stencil In hand

A simple race car with flames would be a great addition to a child's lunch box, name plate, toy box label etc. 

Superstar  | Face Painting Stencil - Sports  Car w/ Flames 77062 - Shop at Jest Paint Store -  In hand to show size

MILENA STENCILS are made by Milena Potekhina, in Russia.  She has designed very intricate craft stencils for professional results. Her stencils would be perfect for decorating name signs for children's rooms. She has beautiful unicorns, mermaids, puppies, kittens, bunnies, giraffes and more.


Milena Stencil Tiger Design Demo by Milena
I love to mix and match free hand line work and painting with my stenciling. Most cartoon like designs will require you do go in with a fine brush to outline or pull out more details. You can also add shadows or highlights to the design to make it more three dimensional, like Milena did with the giraffe design above. 
MILENA STENCILS | Face Painting Stencil -  (Cute Giraffe Set)  D7
MILENA STENCILS | Face Painting Stencil Set -  (Concrete Mixer Truck Set)  D51


Milena also has craft stencil designs for teens and adults that would look cool on cell phone cases, clothing, shoes etc. These range from dragons to scorpions, bats and snakes. She also has some creepy skulls and tattoo style designs like anchors, old clocks and compasses and keeps and locks. 



Milena Potekhina used the D19 Stencil below to paint this cute Lady Bug Design. 
MILENA STENCILS | Face Painting Stencil -  (NEW Sweet Face w/ Dreamy Eyes)  D19

If you struggle painting a really scary dragon face, a craft stencil like D58 is just for you. Painting a swirly body with a flat brush, and one stroke wings will be all you need to create a full dragon. Or have this face come out of tribal line work or flames. It will also look pretty cool just as it is. 

MILENA STENCILS | Face Painting Stencil -  (Fierce Dragon Head Stencil Set)  D58

The  BOOMERANG STENCILS by the Art Factory are shaped like their namesake. These craft stencils include intricate patterns, like scales, stars, dots, webs and hearts. They also have cute designs for young kids like rockets, tractors, dragons, llamas, flamingos, seahorses and other cute animals. Click on the images below to be taken to the product on our site. 


Art Factory | Boomerang Face Painting Stencil - Rocket (B021)


Some of the Boomerang craft stencils are made for crowns on the forehead, but they would also be perfect for wrapping under text on a greeting card. There are designs for Halloween crafts, tropical decorations, winter designs and floral patterns. I love these well designed stencils. 


Art Factory - Boomerang Face Painting Stencil - Hibiscus Crown (B004) in hand


Have a spider man fan in your life? Spice up a mirror frame, drawer corner, toy box or lunch box with this cool spider web stencil. Want white webs? Apply a base in white and then place the stencil over the background color and stencil in black. Want a black web? Stencil in black first and then place the stencil and apply another color into to cut out shapes. 


Art Factory | Boomerang Face Painting Stencil - Spiderweb (B038) - Jest Paint Store



If you have an art project that would benefit from a circular pattern, check out OOH! Stencils. They come in many shapes, but their Sphere Shapes would work great on flat plates and round signs or objects. Here is a sample below of the Mandala Sphere

Ooh! Face Painting Stencil | Flower Mandala Sphere (S14) - Jest Paint Store

They also have wrap shapes that would work nice on shoes or around cylindrical objects. Below is their Butterfly Wrap craft stencil

Ooh! Face Painting Stencil | Butterfly Wrap (W20)

The silhouette  styles of OOH! Stencils would make for fast decoration on a card or name plate. The Dolphin Sunset OOH! Stencils is a nice example of a craft stencil that would be perfect for tropical designs. If you are not good at painting dolphins or palm trees, this one would be for you! 


Ooh! Face Painting Stencil | Dolphin Sunset (T46) STENCIL IN HAND AT JEST PAINT STORE



FRISBEE STENCILS by PK is another great line that has crowns, small designs, patterns, and holiday designs. Each stencil has four or more designs on it, which makes them very cost effective and useful!  

Shop PK FRISBEE Face Painting Stencils Bundle | Pick Three or More Stencils and Save - Custom Bundle - Frisbee Custom Bundle - Jest Paint - Face Paint Store



Frisbee Large Bold Crowns in Hand


TOPAZ STENCILS are another great option. They have an array of Henna styles along with mermaids, flowers, unicorns, snakes, wild animals and more. Just take a look at the beautiful henna inspired beauty below. 


Topaz Stencils | Face Painting Stencil - Henna Flower - Flora  (0946) in Hand


If you need a stencil to cover larger items like your lap top lid or a t-shirt, look at the TATTOO PRO STENCILS by Wiser Oner. These are very cool looking designs that range from skulls to cherry blossoms. These craft stencils are designed to look like real tattoo art and are perfect for a skateboards, shoes, hats and helmets too. If you want to customize something for adults or teens, you should check these amazing craft stencils out right away. There are scrolls with roses, fighting fish, wild animals, motorcycles, sports designs and so much more.

What Large sized Craft Stencils can I use for Bigger Art Projects? 



Tattoo Pro | Air Brush Body Painting Stencil - Victorian Skull - Jest Paint Store


Below you can see the amazing results that you get when using an airbrush and TATTOO Pro Stencils. If you wanted to use a sponge or kabuki brush with these stencils you will need to do a fine stippling to get those light shadows. 

Tattoo Pro | Air Brush Body Painting Stencil - Stop and Smell the Roses - Jest Paint Store


Tattoo Pro 159 | Air Brush Body Painting Stencil - Grim Reaper - Jest Paint Store


Wiser Oner using Tattoo Pro Stencils to paint a fairy in the flowers
We also have some BAD ASS STENCILS in the large size, which would be great for bigger surfaces. I love that these are cut with a CO2 laser and have incredible details!
 Bad Ass Stencils VINTAGE design
This Frozen Stencil would be great for Christmas and Winter crafts. You can even airbrush ornaments or Christmas Wrapping paper with them!Bad Ass Stencils work by Andrea O Donnel Frozen Fairy Painting
Bad Ass Stencils Frozen Large stencil sheet

How should I clean Craft Stencils?

Since craft stencils are thin and fragile you are going to want to wash them with care. I suggest dunking your stencils in soapy water if you used water based paints, and then rubbing them gently between your fingers or with a very soft kabuki brush to remove paint. Make sure to let them air dry before storing or stacking them. 
For alcohol based paints you will want to use something like ProCleaner from Proaair to break down the paint, and then wipe away with your fingers or soft brush. 

If the stencil is sturdy and has no loose hanging pieces you can also use a soft sponge to scrub your stencils.

They still may have stains after washing, but your goal is to always just wash away the build up between uses so that you get clear impressions, and don't transfer old paint to your new designs. 

All stencils above are from TAP

How do I make my own stencils?

If you need a custom stencil you can use materials like stencil film, acetate sheets, or even cardboard. Simply draw or trace your design onto the material and carefully cut it out using a craft knife. Make sure to secure the stencil in place before painting to prevent any smudging.

Mylar is a good material for making stencils because it is durable, flexible, and easy to clean. It also allows for precise and detailed designs to be cut out easily.

Machines that can cut stencils include electronic cutting machines like the Cricut or Silhouette, as well as laser cutting machines. These machines can cut a variety of materials such as vinyl, paper, and stencil film with precision. They take a lot of time and patience to learn how to use them, so make sure it is worth the investment before you jump in. I personally don't have the time or patience to learn how to make my own stencils, but you might enjoy it!

Can I use Craft Stencils for Face Painting?

Interested in using craft stencils for face painting? They are perfect for adding scales, stars, hearts, dot gradients and so much more to your face painting designs! Here I am with my son, looking like a cool cat!

Learn more about using stencils for face painting in our blog Face Painting with Stencils - Instructions and Best Stencils Guide 




 If you want to get a quick idea, watch how to use a craft TAP stencil for face painting below! If you would like more content on stencils email at with your requests. Thanks for reading!

We hope that you found this post useful in your search for cool and creative craft stencils. If you have any questions, feel free to write me at I am happy to help!


Disclaimer : A small portion of text was inspired by CHATAI results. 99% of this blog was personally written by Anna Wilinski

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