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35+ Fabulous 4th of July Face Painting Ideas

Hello Fellow Face Painters and folks who want to enjoy face painting this 4th of July! What better way to show your patriotic spirit than go out on The Fourth of July with some red, white and blue face paint on!

Anna Wilinski fireworks face painting design

If you are going to a BBQ, Parade, Club, or sports game on 4th of July, we are here to inspire you with a lot of designs from professional face painters who love this time of year!

Thank you to everyone who sent in images to share with our community. If you would like your pictures to show up here please send me an email to Make sure that it is okay for us to post them on our blog with the model. 

What paints should I use for 4th of July Face Painting Designs?

At Jest Paint we have really amazing 4th of July Split Cakes that will speed up your painting time and impress your clients! If you are new to face painting, using these cakes will take a little bit of practice. You want to make sure not to use too much water so that the Red and White don't mix too much. There are large split cakes for butterfly eyes and full face red white and blue designs. Then we have long thin rainbow cakes that you can use with a 1" flat brush for one stroke face painting. You can paint crowns, flames, flowers, hearts, and basically any kind of cheek art design but with the red, white and blue theme. 

Gio Guzman 4th of July face painting idea for boys
Gio Guzman, of Gigi's Face Painting, use a one stroke for a fast eye design for 4th of July. These cross hatch strokes with white highlights and black hatch marks com to life with a little glitter! 

How can I face paint a United States Flag?

The US Flag has 13 stripes, seven are red and are at the top and bottom edges, and 6 are white. You can paint them straight or wavy. Just use a very thin round brush for a cheek art flag. A #2 or #3 will be perfect.

Make the top seven stripes shorter so that there is room for the blue canton with the 50 stars. The blue section is a little more than a third of the width of the flag.

For the sake of art, your cheek art flags don't need to have 13 stripes or 50 stars. You can reduce the amount based on the size you need to make it, otherwise everything will be too cluttered when recreating it with face paint and the colors might bleed together. 

Another option is to fill the flag pattern into an outline of the USA,  the words love, inside of one big star or heart, and ice cream code etc. 

Graftobian Make Up Kit - 5 Color Primary Face Painting Makeup Kit - Jest Paint Store

Peace Handy Painted with Graftobian Face Paints

Split Cakes for Fast 4th of July Designs!

You can use the split cakes to first make red and white stripes, and then use the blue part for the square in the top left corner. It is fun to count the stripes while you are painting, but if you need to do a small flag on the cheek you can tell the person that you can only do a few stripes in order for it to fit. 

Shop TAG Face Paint 1 Stroke - Red White and Blue   #26 - Face Paint - TAG Body Art - Jest Paint - Face Paint Store


Kryvaline Face Paint Split Cake (Regular Line) - Eagle 30gr in hand

We also have stencils so that you can stencil the black line work of the US Flag on stop of a red, white and blue swoosh of color on the cheek or forehead. These also look great on the arm, leg or around the neck like a necklace with the flag in the middle. 

Diva Stencils | Face Painting Stencil | Heart Flag (1593)


What glitter is good for 4th of July Makeup?

We have a lot of Red White and Blue Glitter to choose from at Make sure to choose glitters that are designed for cosmetic use and have no metals in them. Craft glitters can often have contaminated and metallic particles, so steer clear from those at the hobby store. You will want polyester glitters that have pigments that are safe for use on skin.  

You might like some of our Top 4th of July Glitter below!

VIVID Glitter | Loose Chunky Hair and Body Glitter | Red White Boom (7.5gr) - Jest Paint Store


VIVID Glitter | LOOSE Chunky and Fine Glitter | PATRIOTIC Stack (Set of 5) in Hand

You can use the Patriotic Stack of Loose Glitter shown above to decorate your Fourth of July Designs. Just tap the glitter over wet paint, or mix it with your favorite glitter gel or aloe gel. You can use white body glue for a long lasting stick, but it will need to be removed with alcohol. 

Pixie Paint has a clear gel base and is perfect for applying around your face paint, or just on a plain face. You can also apply it to hair! Use a silicone glitter applicator to scoop out a small about and spread on to your client. 



You can also get biodegradable glitters. Even though studies show that there are already microplastics in food and bottled water, to help keep glitter out of the water stream give your clients a business card and tell them how important it is to scrape the glitter off of their face at the end of the day and throw it in the trash, not down the drain.

Pretty 4th of July Face Painting Designs

Oshi 4th of July Makeup

I painted Oshi with TAG Split Cake 1 Stroke Red White and Blue, and added a touch of fine white glitter and ABA Pixie Paint in Star Spangled. I used the TAP stencil Magical Stars for the blue stars, and added lots of tear drops to match. 


Andrea Ka of Peek-A-Boo Face Painting 4th of July Girl
Andrea Ka of Peek-A-Boo Face Painting used the Milena Stencil Below to create this super sweet design. The Cute Face Girl Stencil fits perfectly on the forehead. Andrea brought it all together by adding blue hair and red white and blue butterfly shaped wings around the tops of the eyes and tear drops swirling around the cheekbones. 

If you just use red white and blue and blend shimmery bases, flowing tear drops, stars and stripes and dots together, you can come up with an endless amount of beautiful Fourth of July eye designs. You can lean a little lighter on the paint and make it more like a beauty makeup by keeping your design work closer to the eye or you can go wild can have the design flow down the cheeks and up over the forehead with bold strokes. 


4th of July Step By Step Face Painting Design


For this design I did a base in white and light blue around the eyes and a between the eyebrows. I used the Whale Tail Brush to paint red ribbons and blue Ribbons. Then I added a red gem, white stars and tear drops to finish the design. 

Gio Guzman painted this simple eye design

Gio Guzman painted this simple eye design, but it is high glam! The way the red and white lines flow out of the red cat eye swoop gives a feathery eagle mixed with fireworks feel. 


Bald American Eagle Face Painting Designs

If you would like to paint and eagle for 4th of July Designs take some time practicing the head shape, beak shape and the way it connects to the head, and make sure you get that eye brow arch and eye size spot on! Otherwise you may home something that looks more like a pigeon or flamingo. The eagle has a very serious look, with feathers sticking up a little as they flow around the head. 

KatzNC Eagle Face Painting 4th of July Design

KatzNC go the jist of the eagle in this cool face paint design. I love how she added the flag pattern into the eagles feathers. The yellow glowing eye with big highlighted pupil and low brow is spot on! 


KatzNC Eagle Face Painting 4th of July Design
Here is another variation of the design. KatzNC tweaked the feathers and  changed up the back ground with flowing swirls outlined in blue and yellow stars. 



These eagle face painting craft stencils could help you a lot if you struggle getting the proportions correct. It can be hard doing nice exact line work a wiggly kid, and one wrong angle...and your eagle might look like some other kind of bird. 
MILENA STENCILS | Face Painting Stencil -  (Eagle)  A3 HAND
The Milena A3 Eagle Stencil will looks great on the cheek, forehead or on the arm or chest. See how she used it below!
Milena Potekhina Eagle Stencil Design A3
Shop Ooh! Face Painting Stencil | Kabuki Swirl (C34) - Face Painting Stencil and Eagle Stencil - Ooh Stencils - Jest Paint - Face Paint Store
Ooh! Stencils has an American Eagle stencil and lots of back ground textures that you can use for 4th of July. They used the Kabuki Swirl and  Graffiti Squares stencil the background with some chunky glitter.  
This Bald Eagle design was made with the addition of Starry Fireworks and the Ooh! Star Wrap


Soaring Eagle

Diva Stencils | Face Painting Stencil | Eagle and Stars (614) - Jest Paint Store
The Diva Stencil 614 with a small flying eagle and stars would make a perfect arm band or crown. 
Tattoo Pro has a huge line of tattoo stencils that would really appeal to adults and teens. But even little kids will want something that looks like a real tattoo! The Tattoo Pro Americana Stencil above is sure to be a hit with the highly detailed American Flag and Bald Eagles.

Uncle Sam TOP Hat Face Painting Design

OOh! Stencil Top Hat Demo by Ooh Stencils. Click to Buy!
If you airbrush or sponge and brush paint, this stencil by ooh! Stencils can help you paint an Uncle Sam Top Hat. It is surrounded by the Falling Fireworks Stencil


4th of July Butterfly Face Painting Designs

Butterflies are a popular design year round, why give them up on 4th of July? Just paint them in the colors of the US flag and you are all set! Use tear drops, one stroke cakes, glitter and jewels to create endless combos of butterfly wings!

I painted this butterfly design with the goal of keeping it simple. I sponged on a blue base and then highlighted it with light white stipple to brighten my eyes. After that I just added some small dark blue tear drops with Fusion Magic Dark Blue and red. For the body I added a small gem and red tear drop antennae's and then added some white highlights. 

Chaim Taraselli Face Painting - Red White and Blue Butterfly Design
This Beautiful Artwork is by Chaim Taraselli was done by sponging red, white and blue around the eyes and them carefully outlining the wings in black. She angled the antennas to form a heart, which makes the design extra cute! You can use a large Red White and Blue Split cake like the one below, or you can sponge in each color one my one. 
KatzNC used a red white and blue one stroke to paint a series of scallops that formed the top and bottom butterfly wings. To speed up the design she even used the same load of the brush to paint the ribbon like antennas.
This is another beautiful butterfly design ny KatzNC that she created with a one stroke for the wings and the arch over the forehead. She added a white firework so that it truly fit the 4th of July theme!
Linnea's American Butterfly Face Painting
Linnéa  Kovak Painted this cool Red, White and Blue Butterfly with a Captain America twist. The use of gems and a little red on the blue wings would be great for any kid or adult!  
Gio Guzman's face painting butterfly design for 4th of July
Gio Guzman's face painting butterfly design for 4th of July has red wings on the top and blue wings on the bottom. The little white stars and dots under the eyes brighten up the dark blue one strokes and make this design pop!


Pretty Eye Designs for 4th of July



Face Painting Fireworks

Fireworks are an important part of the 4th of July celebration. Adding them with face painting stencils or your own freehand flowing line work is a fast way to paint and explosive designs that folks will love!

Anna Wilinski 4th of July Face Paint
I painted a shimmery blue base and dressed it up with large red tear drops and small blue and white tear drops. I used a blue diamond for a centerpiece and topped it off with the TAP Fancy Fireworks Stencil and the TAP Magical Stars Stencil. Adding red lips was the final touch to make this eye mask look a little bit glamourous. 
The Fancy Fireworks Stencil fits on the forehead or cheek of a child or adult. Apply in in just white, or do white first and then slide it down hair and do another layer in red or blue so that it is highlighted like the one on my face above. 
The TAP 021 Fireworks Stencil is another options for a small burst of fire works going off at the same time!
Gio Guzman body painting fire works
Gio Guzman freehanded these pretty fireworks. 


ooh! Stencil Falling Fireworks in Hand
ooH! Stencil's Falling Fireworks Stencil is perfect if you need help with flowing tear drops and tiny stars!
Gio Guzman one stroke fire work face painting design
Here is a simple way to face paint a firework that Gio Guzman has shared with us! Create 5 v strokes and then tap the edge of your brush like a stamp to make the sparks!


Red White and Blue Ribbons and Stars Face Painting

KATZNC Face Painting 4th of July Design

KatzNC was looking for a very fast design that would be perfect for a very busy event. The two quick strokes are perfectly placed to compliment the eye, and then a fast star stencil completes the design! You could also paint rosette badges by wiggling your loaded brush around a circle, and add two falling ribbons.  

Gio Guzman Fourth of July Face Paint mask
This ellipse design in red white and blue is perfect for a fast eye mask. Gio Guzman used double dip flowers, tear drops and dots bring it all together. 

USA Text with Stars

ooH! Stencil USA Patriotic Text in Hand at Jest Paint

Not crazy about your handwriting with  paint brush? This handy ooH! Stencil would be great for air shows, Memorial Day and 4th of July.  You can also add little jets, fireworks, or military symbols under it. 


Patriotic Roses 4th of July Princess

The United States National Flower is the Rose. Add red, white or blue roses into your Independence Day designs to pretty them up!

KatzNC Roses and Ribbons for 4th of July

KatzNC painted this pretty rose eye mask with the red and white part of the split cake for the roses, the blue and white part for the leaves, and the whole Red White and Blue for the arch and swooshes that angle in towards the center of the face. The bold white stars make it clear that this design fits the 4th of July theme perfectly.

4th of July Heart and Ribbons
The ooh! Heart Flip Stencil used in combination with a 1 stroke rainbow cake in red white in blue is a fast 4th of July Face Paint Design! 
Melody Pekarek, of Another Pretty Face Entertainment Heart body art 4th of July
Melody Pekarek, of Another Pretty Face Entertainment painted this heart with a white ribbon and the words USA across the ribbon. She outlined the design in white glitter gel. 

Fourth of July Necklace Décolletage

Melody Pekarek, of Another Pretty Face Entertainment , painted this 4th of July Décolletage design so that it flows around the collar bone. This design is two double outlined stars with tear drops and dots. Make your own necklace design by creating a patriotic centerpiece and tying it in with swirls, dots and stars. 


What if the kids don't want a 4th of July Design, but you want to stick to the theme?

The easiest way to stick to the theme is ask your clients if you can paint the design that they link in red white and blue. Below you will see some examples of non traditional Independence designs painted by artists who could improvise with patriotic colors.

Gio Guzman Face painting Skull with Bandana

Gio Guzman, of GiGi's Face Painting painted this skull's bandana with a US Flag colored split cake. This half face design is sure to be popular with kids and adults!

 Red, White and Blue Ice Cream Cone

KatzNC Face Painting - Ice Cream code for 4th of July
Fun Faces KatzNC painted this cute drippy Independence Day Ice Cream Cone! You could also do popsicles, muffins, pop corn Etc. in the RWB colors. 
KatzNC Face Painting dragons and shield
4th of July Dragons above and below by Fun Faces KatzNC . 
Scroll down to see the Milena Dragon Stencil that she used on her practice board and on her lovely father.

4th of July Lobster

Melody Pekerek painted at Lobsterfest in Chicago, which is also around the 4th! By adding some blue and white to her design she created this patriotic lobster. 

Patriotic Unicorn Face Painting Design

KatzNC painted this pretty Unicorn using a lot of blue and white. The stars and red lips add to the 4th of July Feel.

Red White and Blue Spider

Gio Guzman spider face painting
Gio's Red White and Blue Spider is a fast design for the little ones!

Red White and Blue Cat / Tiger


Chris Harris painted this red, white and blue tiger for 4th of July. Any full face animal can fit the theme when you use the right colors. 
Simona Grossi painted this patriotic cat with red and white stripes on the forehead and white stars on the blue shaggy cheeks. The star in the middle is a perfect focal point. 

Among US 4th of July Style Face Painting

KatzNC added a patriotic twist to the popular Among Us characters by painting them in blue and red and adding a red, white and blue ribbon and stars! You can add these accepts to any popular cheek art to fit the Independence Day theme.


Codie Scott, of Tiny Art Face Painting, chose a super hero design that is all red white and blue. When you have to stick to the theme, kids will love this captain America option! \

Happy 4th of July!

I hope that you enjoyed this blog post on face painting ideas for Independence Day. We are always here to answer any of your questions about face painting. If you would like to see more face painting designs submitted by our face painting friends, please check out our blog post Face Paint Ideas - 125 + Quick and Easy DIY Face Paint Ideas for Kids and Adults




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Irene - June 13, 2024

Thanks for always sharing so much information – great to see all the variation of designs for a patriotic event! Love all the designs!

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