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TAP 011 Face Painting Stencil - Music

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12 Reviews
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by Jest Paint Stencils | Product Code: JPTAP011
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What are the dimensions of this TAP Face Painting Stencil?

TAP face painting stencils have a diameter of around 2 3/16” and they are cut from a 7 mil (0.007") thick Mylar.

What is TAP Stencil Music best for?

TAP Stencils are the ultimate face painting tool. These small face painting stencils are designed to fit around small faces to allow you to create great looking designs with little to no effort on your end. Use them on the forehead between the eyebrows as center pieces, or by the corner of the eyes to decorate the side of the face. When using patterns, you can move the stencil around to cover all of the desired area, don’t get tricked by their size, you can cover a full face with them if you keep on moving the stencil!

The flexible material and rounded shape allow the stencil to curve with the shape of the face and fit in any desired area without any inconvenience. TAP Stencil Music is great for all of your musical inspired designs. Add it by the corner of the eyes as a great little delicate touch.

How to use TAP Face Painting Stencils?

Body Art stencils require some practice to learn how to use them properly, but once you learn how to use them you can get through your face painting line much faster!

You can use them to create very simple designs by just stamping the design featured on the stencil, or you can use them to enhance more intricate face painting designs and add textures or more detailed work to your creations.

Start with a clean stencil and make sure that the skin is nice and dry before you apply the stencil, otherwise the face paint will look runny. Apply the TAP Stencil against the skin and hold it firmly using the tabs provided.

Powders are nice because they won’t bleed under the stencil. If you rather work with water activated face paints, we suggest using a glycerin based paint like Superstar or Paradise, though all paints work if you practice. Add a drop or two of water onto your paint and work the paint into a creamy almost sticky consistency with a sponge. Test the paint on the surface of your hand to make sure it isn’t too wet, and then tap over the surface of the stencil. Always move from the edges of the stencil into the design, so you are not pushing face paint under the stencil.

Using sponges with very small pores is best since they provide a more even coverage and they tend to hold less water. Some people also like to use kabuki style brushes with their stencils, just make sure the brush has a very thin load of paint and it is fairly dry. Learn more about stenciling by reading our Face Painting with Stencils - Instructions and Best Stencils Guide.

How to Store my TAP Stencils?

All body art stencils are delicate tools and require lots of care to make sure you can use them for years to come. Before storing them make sure they are clean. Put the stencil under a gentle stream of water and then use a clean towel to softly wipe the surface of the stencil on both sides. Use gentle movements, so not to bend any parts of the stencil. You can remove stubborn stains with some soap. Pat the stencils dry using a towel and put them away.

What Else Should I know about TAP Stencils?

TAP Stencils are manufactured in the USA and each pattern is designed by hand by Anna and Santi from Jest Paint. All of the designs featured on our stencils are original and are copy righted by Jest Paint LLC. The stencils are packed inside a bag by our packers in the USA and we use recycled card-stock for the instructions card that comes with our stencils.

¿Cuáles son las dimensiones de este TAP Face Painting Stencil?

Las plantillas de pintura facial TAP tienen un diámetro de alrededor de 5,56 cm y están cortadas de un Mylar de 0,18 milímetros de espesor.

¿Para qué es mejor TAP Stencil Music ?

Las plantillas TAP son la más novedosa herramienta para pintar caras. Estas pequeñas plantillas están diseñadas para encajar alrededor de caras pequeñas para permitirte crear diseños de gran apariencia con poco o ningún esfuerzo por tu parte. Úsalos en la frente entre las cejas como piezas centrales, o en la esquina de los ojos para decorar el costado de la cara. Cuando uses secuencias, puedes mover la plantilla para cubrir toda el área deseada, no te dejes engañar por su tamaño, ¡puedes cubrir una cara completa con ellas si continúas moviendo la plantilla!

El material flexible y la forma redondeada permiten que la plantilla se curve con la forma de la cara y se adapte a cualquier área deseada sin ningún inconveniente. TAP Stencil Music es ideal para todos tus diseños inspirados en la música. Agréguelo alrededor de los ojos como un hermoso toque delicado.

¿Cómo usar TAP Face Painting Stencils?

Las plantillas de Body Art requieren un poco de práctica para aprender a usarlas correctamente, pero una vez que aprendas cómo usarlas, ¡puedes cruzar la línea en tus trabajos y hacerlo mucho más rápido! Aprender mas aqui! Pintura Facial con Plantillas: Instrucciones y La Mejor Guía de Plantillas

¿Qué más debo saber sobre TAP Stencils?

Las plantillas TAP se fabrican en los EE. UU. Y cada patrón está diseñado a mano por Anna y Santi de Jest Paint. Todos los diseños presentados en nuestras plantillas son originales y están protegidos por Jest Paint LLC. Las plantillas se empacan dentro de una bolsa en los EE. UU. y usamos cartulina reciclada para la tarjeta de instrucciones que viene con nuestras plantillas.