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Jest Paint | Face Body and Brush Soap - BRUSH and BODY WASH - 4.25 Fl oz.

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3 Reviews
| 2 answered questions
by Fusion Body Art | Product Code: JPBBW100
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What is Brush and Body Wash™ best for?

Jest Paint worked directly with the factory to create a special soap formula just for us that only has the best ingredients you need to clean your brushes and sponges as well as your face and body. This soap will help you remove face paint that otherwise stays on your brushes and sponges, helping you prolong the life of your bristles by cleaning and conditioning them.

It is also created to be specially gentle on the skin and practically tear free if it accidentally falls on your eyes (so long you rinse them right away). Jest Paint's Brush and Body Wash was created with natural ingredients known for their anti microbial/bacterial properties like the organic peppermint essential oil. We wanted to just have ingredients that were needed and leave out all of the extra ones that only add to the cost and the environmental impact of the product.

Most ingredients are plant base and biodegradable to help us take care of the planet while we keep our brushes and face clean. Our soap has only 10 easy to identify and read ingredients so that you know what you are putting on your skin and to reduce chances of allergic reactions.

What are the dimensions of this bottle of soap?

The bottle is approximately 6" tall x 1 5/8" in diameter. Each container has 4.25 fl oz - 125 ml approximately.

How to use Brush and Body Wash?

Add a few drops of Brush and Body Wash™ soap by Jest Paint to your water to keep your brushes clean and free from paint build up.
Apply two drops directly on your brushes' bristles and work the soap with your fingers to remove all pigment traces from them.
Apply three drops to a soft sponge or directly to your skin to remove makeup and face & body paint from your skin, then rinse off.

What else should I know about Brush and Body Wash?

Jest Paint's Brush and Body Wash is vegan, free of paraben and sulfates, perfume and dye free (only has one essential oil), biodegradable (not certified) and cruelty free. It has been happily made in Australia, and it was 100% developed for Jest Paint so you won't find this formula anywhere else. Anna and Santi carefully worked with the manufacturer to chose the right ingredients, test the formula for months and came up with a finished product that works with minimal environmental impact. As with any other brush soap like LUSH BRUSH (TM by Art Factory) or Brush Bath (TM by Silly Farm), our Brush and Body Wash needs to be used with care, making sure not let it get in the eyes as it has the potential to irritate the eyes. Although not required by law, Jest Paint has conducted testing for skin sensitivity, mercury presence and microbiological examinations to confirm the safety and quality of our product. These tests are of a non-release kind and are only done on one batch.

Click here to open and download Jest Paint's Brush and Body Wash MSDS.

Ingredients: water, coco glucoside, lauryl glucoside, cocamidopropyl betaine*, organic glycerin (organic & natural plant based), glyceryl oleate (natural derived), organic peppermint essential oil, mango butter, citric acid, sodium benzoate.
*Biodegradable & natural plant based.

¿Para qué es mejor Brush and Body Wash™?

Jest Paint trabajó directamente con la fábrica para crear una fórmula de jabón especial solo para nosotros y que tiene los mejores ingredientes que necesitas para limpiar tus pinceles y esponjas, así como tu cara y cuerpo. Este jabón te ayudará a eliminar la pintura facial que de otro modo se quedaría en tus pinceles y esponjas, ayudándote a prolongar la vida de tus cerdas al limpiarlas y acondicionarlas. También está creado para ser especialmente suave con la piel y prácticamente libre de lágrimas si cae accidentalmente sobre tus ojos (siempre y cuando los enjuagues de inmediato). Jest Paint's Brush and Body Wash fue creado con ingredientes naturales conocidos por sus propiedades antimicrobianas / bacterianas como el aceite esencial de menta. Queríamos tener solo los ingredientes que se necesitaban y omitir todos los adicionales que solo aumentan el costo y el impacto ambiental del producto. La mayoría de los ingredientes son a base de plantas y biodegradables para ayudarnos a cuidar el planeta mientras mantenemos nuestros pinceles y nuestro rostro limpios. Nuestro jabón tiene solo 10 ingredientes fáciles de identificar y leer para que sepas lo que se estás poniendo en la piel y para reducir las posibilidades de reacciones alérgicas.

¿Cuáles son las dimensiones de esta botella de jabón?

La botella mide aproximadamente 15 cm. de alto x 4 cm. de diámetro. Cada envase contiene 4.25 fl oz - 125 ml aproximadamente.

¿Qué más debo saber sobre Brush and Body Wash?

Jest Paint's Brush and Body Wash es vegano, sin parabenos ni sulfatos, sin perfumes ni colorantes (solo tiene un aceite esencial), biodegradable (no certificado) y sin crueldad animal. Se ha fabricado felizmente en Australia y se desarrolló al 100% para Jest Paint, por lo que no encontrarás esta fórmula en ningún otro lugar. Anna y Santi trabajaron cuidadosamente con el fabricante para elegir los ingredientes correctos, probar la fórmula durante meses y llegar a un producto terminado que funcione con un impacto ambiental mínimo.