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Amerikan Body Art | Face Paint Glitter Poof - Opaque Emerald Green (1/2oz) #10

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1 Review
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by Amerikan Body Art | Product Code: ABAGP110
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What are the product dimensions?

This glitter poof is a 1/2 ounce bottle and it is 3.5 inches tall. Due to the different densities of each glitter color, these glitters have a price that is established by volume, not by weight.

How to apply and remove Amerikan Body Art Cosmetic Glitter?

Amerikan Body Art glitters can be applied on top of moist face paint or adhered to skin with a skin safe adhesive such as cosmetic glitter glue or gel. Products like Global Body Art Gunky Glitter Gel Base , Ybody Washable Glue or Ben Nye Glitter Glue can be used with these fine glitters if you want the glitter to stay on for the day. If you choose to use an adhesive base, simply apply the gel/glue to the skin, and then tap the glitter onto the tacky base with a brush, silicon applicator or spatula.
If you are looking for a temporary hold, you can use water to apply the polyester glitter to the skin using a disposable smoothie blender or eye shadow applicator. Just mist the foam applicator with water, dip the applicator into the glitter, and press the glitter onto the skin. You can apply the loose glitter to wet face paint as well. This cosmetic glitter can be loosened from the skin or hair with soap, and then rinsed away with water.

What is this face painting glitter best for?

Amerikan Body Art's opaque glitters are perfect for glitter tattoos and layering on top of similar colored face paint. You can dab this Emerald Green glitter onto shamrocks, snacks, and flower leaves. You can also use this glitter for mixing up your own glitter gels.

What else should I know about Amerikan Body Art Glitters?

These glitters are made of .008 polyester hexagonal cut flecks and FDA compliant colors for the pigments. Amerikan Body Art is based in the USA and is operated by a long time henna artist, Erika Harrison.

From the manufacturer: Important**** "Cosmetic glitter" is a term used by the make-up industry, for glitter that meets certain standards which are believed to allow for safe usage. These standards include: being made from polyester/plastic, hexagonally shaped particles sized .008 or smaller, and use of pigments which have been generally approved for cosmetic use by the FDA. However, these are standards created within the make-up industry itself and not by the FDA. In fact, the FDA does not approve the use of ANY glitter in ANY cosmetics at all. They are currently "monitoring" the situation and not "enforcing" this ruling, but those are the facts. As every major cosmetic company in the world, currently uses glitter in their products, we can only assume and hope that the FDA will eventually approve and adopt specific regulations with regards to cosmetic use of glitter in the near future. Although all of our glitters marked "cosmetic" do meet industry standards for safety, their use in cosmetics is strictly at your own discretion. 


¿Cuáles son las dimensiones del producto?

Este frasco de purpurina es de 1/2 onza y tiene una altura de 8.89 cm. Debido a las diferentes densidades de cada color de purpurina, estos brillos tienen un precio que se establece por volumen, no por peso.

¿Cómo aplicar y quitar la Purpurina Cosmética de Amerikan Body Art?

Las purpurinas de Amerikan Body Art se pueden aplicar sobre la pintura facial húmeda o adherirse a la piel con un adhesivo seguro para la piel, como pegamento o gel de purpurina cosmética. Productos como la Base de Gel de Purpurina Pegajosa Global Body Art, Pegamento Lavable Ybody o Pegamento de Purpurina Ben Nye se pueden usar con estas finas purpurinas si deseas que la purpurina se quede durante el día. Si eliges usar una base adhesiva, simplemente aplica el gel o pegamento en la piel y luego presiona la purpurina sobre la base pegajosa con un pincel, aplicador de silicona o espátula.
Si buscas una sujeción temporal, puedes usar agua para aplicar la purpurina de poliéster en la piel con una batidora desechable para batidos o un aplicador de sombra de ojos. Simplemente humedece el aplicador de espuma con agua, sumerge el aplicador en la purpurina y presiona la purpurina sobre la piel. También puedes aplicar la purpurina suelta sobre la pintura facial húmeda. Esta purpurina cosmética se puede aflojar de la piel o el cabello con jabón y luego enjuagar con agua.

¿Para qué es mejor esta purpurina para pintura facial?

Los brillos opacos de Amerikan Body Art son perfectos para tatuajes con brillo y para aplicar capas sobre pintura facial de colores similares. Puedes aplicar esta brillantina verde esmeralda sobre tréboles, bocadillos y hojas de flores. También puedes usar esta brillantina para mezclar tus propios geles de brillantina.

¿Qué más debería saber sobre las Purpurinas de Amerikan Body Art?

Estas purpurinas están hechas de fragmentos hexagonales de poliéster de corte .008 y colores conformes a la FDA para los pigmentos. Amerikan Body Art tiene su sede en EE. UU. y es operada por una artista de henna de larga trayectoria, Erika Harrison.