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The 2018 Jest Paint Team: Santi, Anna, Deanna, Tracy, Jenni, Amanda and Kathleen.

Hi, I am Anna Wilinski. My husband, Santi Massano, and I are the co-owners of Jest Paint. In 2009 I started this little online shop after a long love affair with face painting. I was very motivated by YouTube viewers who wanted to try my handmade rainbow pots and Diamond FX face paint, and luckily a fun and fruitful journey began.

In 2010, Santi jumped in to help by starting with website improvements, a Facebook page and a great face and body painting blog. He is always around to help out our customers in any way that he can. Deanna Jacobs is our Assistant Manager and helps us in endless ways! Tracy, Jennie, Amanda Matt and Kristy are all awesome folk who help us run Jest Paint on a day to day basis, packing orders, unloading shipments, helping customers, doing accounting and keeping things moving!

We continue to invest all that we can into Jest Paint and we have added thousands of products including Mehron Starblends, Paradise colors, Wolfe FX, TAG Body Art, Cameleon, Ben Nye Products, Global Body Art, Kryvaline, Kryolan, Ybody Glitter, and Amerikan Body Art glitter, FAB, Ruby Red and much more.
We are always open to suggestions about other great items to carry, so send us your list!
As professional face and body painters, we are here to answer your questions and help you pick the best brands and colors based on what your needs are. If you want to know what pink is the brightest, or what red is best for that webby guy...and so on, we would love to offer our opinions.

We don't enjoy waiting for exciting mail and we guess that you don't either, so we are mega fast at processing and shipping your orders accurately, and we will do our best to assist you in getting your items when you need them.

We are so thankful to everyone who has supported us along the way to make Jest Paint better and better. We are here to support you as well, so feel free to contact us if you have any questions about the art of face painting or the business side of it too.

Keep in Touch with Us!

Join our mailing list! This is the easiest way to know when we are having sales or new products! We also send out new demo videos and design ideas through the mailing list.

Click here to see our Face and Body Painters Blog.
At the blog we hold face painting contests, post information about product safety, offer tips and tricks, share step by step designs, and provide you with updates about new products in our store.

Are you on Facebook? If so, we are avid Facebookers, and we would love it if you became a fan of our Jest Paint page and friend our personal pages too. Click Here to see our page.

We also post face painting tutorials on our YouTube channel. We are working to constantly improve the quality of these tutorials, so check out our newest ones first. We don't have the heart to delete the old crazy ones yet! Click here to get watching!

Our Commitment to the Environment

Jest Paint is committed to run our business in an environmentally friendly matter. That is why all of our products are wrapped in biodegradable bubble wrap when shipped to our customers. In addition, all internal use paper is 100% recycled paper. All of our invoices are printed on FSC certified paper, meaning it comes from responsible sources.
Our own stencils, TAP Stencils,are wrapped in biodegradable bags and most of the TAP Stencil cards are printed on recycled paper. We also encourage manufacturers to reduce packaging sent to us with their products and we reuse the majority of the filler pack that we receive in incoming shipments.

Our Commitment with the Community

As a family we have made a pledge to donate part of our income coming from our business to good causes. We do this around Christmas time, and each donation is considered a present to ourselves or a family member in lieu of giving normal gifts. Donations are spread between charities around the world like Charity Water, Oxfam, Habitat for Humanity, etc. We have been personally involved with Habitat for Humanity by helping them build houses for low income families in our area, and a few years back we built our first home with Habitat.

Every year we send free or at cost supplies to support several causes around the world. Most of the supplies go to people going on mission trips or to local organizations helping people in need. A couple face painters have gone on trips to teach face painting to girls who were rescued from the slave trade in Asia. It can be surprising how much face painting can bring joy and impact someone's life as a profitable skill and as a way to express their inner artist.
Anna also loves to paint at local fundraisers and other kinds of non profit events that are close to her heart.

In addition, we love to help other businesses succeed. Anna and Santi love to create blog posts and YouTube videos filled with business tips to help our customers expand their business.

Anna has also been helping a fellow contestant on the FedEx Small Business Grant with business advice. Anna is mentoring and coaching the fellow business owner to help her grow her own business.

Wholesale Face Paint and Face Painting Stencils

We are currently the exclusive North American Distributor of Global Body Art Colours. We offer wholesale prices on Global face paints for those who have a retail operation. You can e-mail us at to receive more information on wholesale prices for face and body paints.

We are also the manufacturers and sole distributor of TAP Stencils, our own line of face painting stencils. We offer wholesale prices on TAP stencils
for those who have a retail operation. You can e-mail us at to receive more information on our wholesale prices for stencils.

Anna Trivia
-Anna has been painting faces and twisting balloons since she was 10 years old with her mother, Donna (a.k.a M.T. Pockets).
-She put herself through college painting faces around Southern California and Michigan. She has a degree in elementary education, but hasn't yet used her teaching certificate for a full time teaching job because she is so wound up in the wonderful world of face art! Anna has been teaching others about using face paint rainbow cakes since 2006.
-Anna placed 2nd overall in 2007 at FABAIC after partaking in all of the master's face painting contests.
-Anna loves nature, and when she is not face painting, is often found crouching in the garden taking pics of flowers and bugs.

Santi Trivia

-Santi (sahn-tee) is short for Santiago, but only his mother called him that when he was in trouble.
-Santi grew up in Cordoba Argentina, attending a school for the arts, playing the sax and graduating from college as an economist.
-Santi loves photography and anything with caramel in it or on it!
-Santi picked up body painting almost overnight, and is the photographer and designer behind most of their body painting projects. His Mehron practice head, Candice Celine, is helping him get more skilled with the smaller canvas.
-Santi is definitely the swatch and glitter specialist. If you want to see some some comparison pics, let him know!

Family Trivia
Anna and Santi met in 2009 while Santi was doing volunteer training at IICD/One World Center near her hometown in Michigan. Anna was making The Body of Art Calendart Calendar with a mutual friend and photographer, Pedro Ribeiro, and teaching face painting to other volunteers there. Pedro introduced her to Santi over facebook. The fundraising calendar was a success and more magic was in the air!

After Santi's volunteer work in Brazil, he came back to Michigan and wham bam, the two were married in April 2010 and are now raising 14 year old Oceana, and their 6 year old son Angelo David. Angelo is now a typical spider man addict and he seems to appreciate his mom´s face painting skills as long as it has to do with superheros.

In 2010, Anna and Santi published their first book, Face Painting with Clash and held really sweet art shows in Kalamazoo to display the prints of the body paintings they have done together. They were married twice, once here in Kalamazoo Michigan, and once in Cordoba, Argentina.

In the summer of 2014 Jest Paint moved from being a home based business to having a warehouse location! What an adventure that was. We finally were able to purchses our own business condo in 2016, so we have a permanent location at the Trestlewood Office Park. Call to schedule a visit at 5048 Lovers Lane, Portage, MI 49002.

Oceana is an actress and gymnast and mermaid at heart. She still models for us, but it is hard to get her to stop doing cartwheels while making videos. She has Type 1 Juvenile Diabetes and we are blessed to have a succesful business to help us take care of her health to the best of our ability.

"Currently we are keeping busy with Jest Paint, holding workshops, making video tutorials, entertaining kids at parties, traveling to conventions and having as much family fun time as we can. We are trying to enjoy every day that God has blessed us with!" - Anna and Santi


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