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The Ultimate Frozen Face Painting Guide

How to Paint a Frozen Ice Princess

Disney®'s version of the Snow Queen: Disney Frozen® was a smash hit in 2013 and now, after a little Frozen Fever, Disney®'s Frozen 2 is coming out this November! Little kids everywhere are going to want to dress up just like their favorite princesses! Once the little blue dresses show up again, there is no better way to add to the magic then to learn how to paint beautiful frozen face paint designs to match!

In this post you will learn how to make magical Ice Princess transformations to delight children who love Anna and Elsa! You can turn any child into a frozen princess or ice queen!! All you will need are some easy to use face paints, a couple of face paint brushes and sponges, and some sparkly bling to make their dreams come true! If you are planning a Frozen themed birthday party or movie viewing party this blog post is perfect for you!

Marcela Bustamante

Thanks to the generosity of face painters around the world, we have some beautiful ice princess face painting pictures to inspire you. Plus we will give you some detailed product suggestions to help you create spectacular frozen cheek art, crowns and full face designs! We only suggest high quality water based face paints that are FDA compliant for cosmetic use, hypoallergenic, vegan and gluten free. These safe face paints are easy to use and easy to wash off. 

Sweet and Simple Frozen Crowns for Beginners and Pros

1 Stroke Ice Princess Crowns

If you haven't attempted a frozen themed crown, these are some simple designs to get you started. These face painting designs are also great if you need to paint a lot of frozen designs in a short amount of time.  Choose a 1 stroke face painting cake with a mix of blues and teals in it for these frozen makeup looks. The cakes can also have silver, white or even  pink or purple to add a little more color to your designs. 

Some people like a 1 stroke rainbow cake with a really dark edge like Fusion Snow Queen or Frozen Queen. The dark edge is nice because you don't need to outline your 1 strokes, which saves a lot of time. Other people prefer a rainbow cake with softer colors and they outline their strokes with their own teardrops and swirls in white or a dark blue. 

1 Strokes (also know as 30 gram rainbow cakes, split cakes, color blocks, Fun Strokes, and Arty Cakes) are small containers of paint that are long and skinny and have multiple colors inside. They are designed to be used with a 1” flat face paint brush, or 3/4" brush if you want to make thinner strokes. We like to use a flat Jest Paint Bolt Brush 1” Stroke to load up a small rainbow cake and paint beautiful crowns!

Natalee Davies Frozen Butterfly
Natalee Davies Created this stunning Frozen Butterfly! 

 These are a few of our top frozen style 1 stroke cakes from a variety of brands. Choose one that call to you! Please remember that Disney Frozen® and Disney® are registered trade marks of Disney Enterprises, Inc. None of the products below are claimed to be official Disney® products, they are just inspired by the icy theme. Want more options? Click here to see even more blue gradient rainbow cakes!

Bolt Brush 1" Stroke Face Painting
Our Favorite Brush for Ice Princess Crowns Bolt 1" Stroke

Frozen Ice Princess Step by Steps

 To create a 1 Stroke crown, brush it on by creating a series of petal like strokes around the forehead and then add details with a round brush, like swirls, twirls, tear drops and icicles, and even snowflakes and flowers. Stencils help a lot too! Here are some 1 stroke ice princess crown ‘step by steps’ and final designs submitted by Jest Paint face painting fans Linnèa Novak and Mai Park.

Frozen Face Paint Step by Step

Frozen Makeup Step By Step Makeup tutorial  Linnea Novak


Frozen Makeup step by step frozen tutorial ice queen by Mai Park 

Large Rainbow Cakes for Ice Princess Face Paint Designs

We have a nice selection of large rainbow cakes at Jest Paint that are perfect for frozen designs. These beautiful gradients can be sponged across the forehead and over the eyes to create an icy base. You can use a slightly damp Splash Face Painting Sponge to rub back and forth against the cake until you see all of the colors loaded nicely on the sponge. Once loaded, just pat the sponge on to the skin tapping back and forth while spreading out the gradient just where you want it.

Here are some frozen princess designs submitted by professional face painters from around the world. You can see that there are pearly rainbow cakes and matte cakes to choose from. 

Frozen Face Paint Ice Queen Frozen Princess makeup

Frozen Princess Ice Painting by Mai Park

 Once you have the base on you can stencil on snowflakes and add details with a round paint brush. Another option is to sponge on a base and then go over it with a 1 stroke crown like Nadine Davidson did below. 

Here are Splash Sponges, a perfect round brush, and some of our favorite rainbow cakes to create this style of frozen princess! 


Super Speedy Princess Face Art

 If you find your self overwhelmed by they fancy eye masks or if you have a princess that just wants something small and quick you can paint a one eye design that they will love. Don't forget that a little face paint goes a long way! Just one magical eye design or a simple figure eight stroke can enchant a little princess! Use a 1 stroke cake or a large rainbow cake to add shimmery blues and white and then go over the top with the details and stenciling. If you want to do swirls and curls start at the outer corner of the eye and have them flow onto the cheekbone and up over the eyebrow.



frozen face painting ideas nadine davidson

Nadine Davidson

Frozen face painting design

Janine Timmerman

Julia Lee Huffaker

                                              Julia Lee Huffaker

Frozen Butterflies, Unicorns, Kitties and so much more!

The frozen face painting theme doesn’t have to stop at royalty! You can paint someone as a frozen style unicorn in pearly blues and white with a icicle horn, or a snow kitten with snowflakes instead of stripes. Use your frozen colored cakes to paint icy dragons, snow monsters, fairies, butterflies and more! These cakes are also perfect for mermaids and peacock eye masks if you just tie in a little green.


 Frozen princess makeup butterfly wings

                             Frozen Ice Butterfly Makeup by  Linnèa Novak

                            Frozen Face Paint themed Unicorn by Linnèa Novak

Frozen Face Painting Cat by Leanne Courtney

Frozen Face Painting Unicorn Face Painting Frozen Makeup

Frozen Unicorn Face Painting by Debbie Mann 

Frozen Face Paint Ice Queen Frozen Princess makeup Butterfly Face paint

Delicate Frozen Butterfly by Nicola Patterson

 Bling them Up! 

Adding glitter, Liquid Bling, and sparkly gems will make your frozen princess and ice queen designs pop! You can glue on a pre-made bling cluster or just a single gem to the center of your crown to add a lot of impact. Here are some of our favorite Jest Jewelz for frozen themed designs.

Always use skin safe glue. We only sell medical grade body glue that will not irritate the skin. Mehron Adgem will come off with soap and water, while the  White Aid glitter tattoo glue will hold longer but will need rubbing alcohol or an oil based product or makeup remover to remove it. Click here to see our Body Glue Selection.

Vanessa Castro Rodriguez frozen princess face painting ice queen makeup
Adorable Ice Princess by Vanessa Castro Rodriguez

Loose Mist on Face Painting Glitter

Misting on a little white holographic cosmetic grade glitter will add a perfect icy sparkly frost to your frozen inspired designs! We love the Jest Glitz glitter pump in Fairy Sparks for everything frozen!

Debbie Mann teen Frozen Princess makeup
Frozen Princess Makeup by Debbie Mann

Chunky Glitter Balms and Pastes

We carry so many types of glitter that it can be hard to choose. You will love these chunky glitter balms and pastes because they are a wax/oil based product filled with tons of glitter. You can apply the skin safe polyester glitters on top of face paint and they won't activate and smear the face paint. Check out the Snow Angel Chunky Glitter Paste by Fairy Snuff! It is filled with little snowflakes! Essential Glitter Balm has a Fairy Floss Power Pack of four perfect colors for Frozen Princesses too!

Snow Angel by Fairy Snuff


 Fairy Floss Essential Glitter Balm Power Pack by Incendium Arts

Liquid Bling

Amerikan Body Art Liquid Bling and Mehron's GlitterMark is perfect for outlining your strokes with line of magical glitter! You can also use this draw snowflakes and to dot beads of crystal white around your eye masks. 

                                     Amerikan Body Art Liquid Bling

Snowflake Face Painting Stencils

If you really want to step up your game and impress your little princesses then check out these snowflake stencils that will speed up your designs! Stenciling takes some practice, so make sure you get a hang of it before you stencil on an array of snowflakes. The trick to stenciling is to use an almost dry load of paint on your sponge and stipple it onto the skin. You can learn more about stenciling by reading this blog post by Jest Paint. Face Painting with Stencils - Instructions and Best Stencils Guide  

Natalee Davies Frozen Butterfly Princess
Natalee Davies Frozen Butterfly Princess that matches the little girls dress.

Tap Snowflake Stencil Face painting

TAP Stencil 015 Snowflakes


Boomerang Whimsy Snowflake Stencil


 Extra Frozen Make Up Inspiration

Cosplay artists, makeup artists, parents, professional face painters and Halloween Costume Enthusiasts can all catch a little of this frozen fever!  If you need more than just snowflakes and dripping icicles check out the princesses dresses for inspiration. Anna and Elsa have flowers on some of their dresses and can they can be seen wearing purple, berry wine, bright spring green, super dark blue, pink and more! In Frozen 2 Anna wears a dress with a bright dragon fly embroidered on it which could be an interesting centerpiece for a crown. Search for  snowflake stencils and bling that will add some extra flair.

Here are some more beautiful designs from artists around the world. Test them out and add your own twists to make the designs your own! 

Debbie Mann Flower Ice Princess Face Painting                             Flowers and Ice Princess by Debbie Mann

Beautiful Frozen Face Painting for Teens by Mai Park


 Breanna Neilson Frozen Face painting design                      Add in some Pink! Frozen Crown by Breanna Neilson

Frozen Face Paint Ice Queen Frozen Princess makeup                              Frozen Ice Queen Face Painting by Mai Park



Frozen ice princess face painting                                                Karen Carr Chonjacki



Even Adults Love Frozen!  Makeup by Mai Park 



Looking for More Frozen Makeup Products to Choose From?

We created a special frozen face painting page at Jest Paint with solid colors, pearly powders, rainbow cakes, gems and more that are perfect for turning a little girl into a snowflake covered princess. Click here to see our Frozen Winter Product Page and email me at if you have any questions. Thanks to everyone who shared images for this blog! You are an inspiration to us all! Happy Frozen Season Everyone!


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