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Meet Susy Amaro of Funny Cheeks Kids Entertainment and Designer of EZStrokes Arty Cakes !

Susy Amaro is a Florida based professional face painter, balloon twister, balloon decorator,  airbrush artist, caricature artist, and FABA TV instructor. She has been wowing the worldwide face painting community with her incredible mermaid masks along with other inspiring face painting designs that have made her an in-demand teacher! Her use of stencils, bling and chunky glitter adds to the magic!

Santi had the pleasure of meeting Susy in person at the Capital Kidvention in 2020 and we felt it was time to feature her and her EZ Stroke cakes here. We love EZ Strokes because they are perfect for artists who are looking a cake that gives them a beautiful blend of a color range with a dark shading or outlining edge. Artists who are new to one stroke painting love them because they are easier to use since you don't risk overmixing multiple contrasting colors together until you get a muddied cake. They are perfect for superheroes, animals, princesses, mermaids and more! 
Make sure to check out Susy's social media pages after learning a little more about her in this Jest Paint edition of Meet the Artist! 

Susy Amaro face painter Funny Cheeks mermaid design

Susy Amaro Ez STrokes
How long have you been face painting, and how did you find out about this art form?

I started face painting 15 years ago, sometime after I saw a someone face painting at a party, and I was told she was paid $75. I began to do research on this art form and fell in love.

Susy Amaro Mermaid tail

                            Her little girl above is such a great model!

Susy Amaro Tropical Beach face painting design

Susy Amaro Ez STrokes

Do you do any other types of art, or do you have any art experience from your past that you use in some way with your face painting?

Yes, I have been sketching and painting since I can remember. I also have a college degree in graphic design.

Susy Amaro Face Painter Mermaid Valentine design

Susy Amaro Ez STrokes

What is the face painting community like in your area? Are there a lot of face painters? Do you jam together or have workshops?

We have a highly active face painting community in our area. We have many face painters compared to other areas, as in Central Florida we have Disney, Universal and other parks that hire and train face painters.

Susy Amaro Face Painter  Cookie monster design

Susy Amaro butterfly face painting


Susy Amaro Ez STrokes

What do you love about your EZ Strokes Collection with Silly Farm Arty Brush Cakes?

They make my face painting easier! Before EZ Strokes, I used to load my flat brush in a color like red, for example, and then drop its edge on some black. I did this for some time with every color. Then I started creating one strokes at home that had for example, blue with a small black edge, and the same with every other color. This is how EZ Strokes were born!

 face painting by Susy Amaro EZ Strokes

Susy Amaro face paint cat design EZ strokes

Susy Amaro Shark Design EX strokes

 Susy Amaro Ez STrokes

What types of events and festivals do you do the most, and what type do you enjoy the most?

I usually have many corporate events. However, I love and prefer small birthday parties where I can take my time to paint each child's face.

Susy Amaro face painting princess


mermaid girl face painting by Susy AmaroSusy Amaro Ez STrokes

How do you use social media to promote your business?

I mostly use Facebook and Instagram to promote my business. I post several designs of my work every week. I mostly post my face painting designs, but I also post and enjoy airbrush tattoos, caricatures, balloon twisting and balloon décor.

 Susy Amaro Mermaid Balloon creation


Susy Amaro Balloon Creation 2

Susy Amaro Ez STrokes

How has Covid 19 impacted your business? Do you see things coming back now?

Things unfortunately stopped abruptly after the end of March of 2020 and remained mostly the same throughout the year. Things have picked up slowly, but surely, and I am very hopeful that they will continue this way.

susy amaro face painter at work face painting kit

EZ Strokes yellow Susy Amaro

Where do you look to get new ideas for face painting?

From everywhere! I will be an eternal student. I get bored if I paint the same thing, the same way every single time. This is why you have seen different versions of my mermaid, or different versions of the Spiderman, etc.

Susy Amaro Face Painter Spider Man Design on Boy

Ez Strokes face painting

What are your favorite designs to paint?

Mermaids, Butterflies, Princesses and Unicorns

Funny Cheeks Susy Amaro Face Painter

Susy Amaro Face Painter Unicorn Design

Susy Amaro EZ Strokes white unicorn

What are some face painting colors and or tools that you can’t live without?

Oh dear, EZStrokes, LOL! Wolfe black and white, flat brushes and sponges.

Must have face paint products

Blazin Brushes, Wolfe Paint, BAM Stencil Peacock Deco, TAP Stencils Fish Scales

EZ Strokes green stroke

How often do you practice, and in what ways do you practice, or people, boards or practice heads?

I usually practice on the job. But sometimes I get inspired to create a new design and I practice on my daughter or my little neighbors.

Susy Amaro design on Sparkling Faces practice Board
Susy's practice on a Sparkling Faces Board

 Ez Strokes susy amaro

What is one piece of advice that you have for brand new face painters?

Don't be so hard on yourself! Continue to practice, take as many face painting classes as you can and buy the best quality products.

 face painting by Susy Amaro Mermaid face painting by Susy Amaro
You can follow Susy at FunnyCheeks Kids Entertainment on Facebook by clicking here and you Can Follow her on Instagram here at funnycheeks_ent. You are going to love to see all of her amazing designs and watch how Susy is working safely and effectively in 2021 spreading color and smiles!

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