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Introducing Fusion Body Art

At Jest Paint we couldn't be more excited to introduce you to the hottest new face paint brand: Fusion Body Art!

Fusion Body Art has been in development for over a year, although the team behind Fusion Body Art has been in the face and body painting industry for over 20 years. 

Fusion Body Art Face Paints - Blog Banner

Fusion Body Art was created by one of the old partners of Global Colours and creator of the Global Body Art Range. With the help of his brother who is very versed in chemistry and makeup formulation the team worked with Anna and Santi from Jest Paint to create the ultimate face painting brand. One that can excel at every aspect and be used with confidence by professional and beginner face and body artists, knowing that you will not only be using a safe product, but also a high quality, long lasting and vibrant paint that will make you look as professional as ever!

Keeping in mind that this is an art form and the products should be up to the task they are meant to perform, we worked together for over a year designing every detail of this new line of face paints to deliver a product that we could all be proud of.

Fusion Body Art has sourced most of their pigments from factories in the USA to make sure that all pigments used in their Prime and Pearl line are cosmetic grade, FDA compliant and high quality. 

Fusion Body Art White

Understanding that not all colors are the same Fusion Body Art was determined to develop a new white, one that was created not just as one more color of their line, but rather designed to perform like no other white face paint. We tested over 8 different formulations until Fusion Body Art was able to develop a formula we were fully satisfied with. Fusion Body Art Paraffin White has a different base formula than the rest of the prime range. A special high quality cosmetic grade paraffin wax was imported from Japan to create a smooth, vibrant and opaque white, combined with the finest titanium dioxide in the market to achieve a bright and bold white that allows every painter to create sharp details and cover the skin with ease.

Fusion Body Art White

But, because not all formulas perform the same way under the same weather conditions, Fusion Body Art decided to create two white face paints, each one with its own base formula, so that face and body painters could choose the one that works best for them. 

Fusion Body Art Face Paint and FX Range

Fusion Body Art Prime RangeOver the course of a year we tested every single shade that Fusion Body Art sent to us and we provided feedback, sometimes even hand mixing colors until we were satisfied with each shade. We were determined to solve common issues like dull pinks, transparent yellows, flat medium blues, etc. Each shade was carefully analyzed and designed to be the best possible, and that is how a new super bright pink was developed, a new bright yet opaque yellow, and more. Fusion Body Art decided to continue to offer great colors that they first introduced when they designed Global Body Art, like their famous Dark Blue, Magenta and Strong Black

Fusion Body Art Pearl RangeOnce the Prime range was completed, we switched our focus onto Pearl colors. The team at Fusion Body Art wanted to develop new pearl colors, ones that were not available on any brand and that would be soft and pigmented so that they could be easy to work with. That is how colors like Peacock Magic, Magenta Dreams and Purple Magic were born. All three colors are dual toned, and the color changes as the light hits their surface at different angles. All Fusion Body Art pearls are soft and highly pigmented, specially designed to be used with sponges. And don't forget to check Fusion Body Art Pearl Metallic Silver, likely the best silver you have ever tried. It is so opaque and metallic that it can also be used for line work. It almost feels as if you were working with liquid metal.

Fusion Body Art and FX UV/Neon RangeA range would not be complete without a full collection of Special FX UV reactive colors. Fusion Body Art decided not only to carry the regular UV colors that most brands have, but they also added a beautiful UV Magenta and bright and bold UV Purple that looks great even under regular light.


Fusion Body Art Spectrum PalettesThe team behind Fusion Body Art was the creator of the very popular Fun Stroke Palettes, which have now been expanded under a new name, Spectrum Palettes. Fusion Body Art Spectrum Palettes have been designed in partnership with great artists like Leanne Courtney, Onalee Rivera and Anna and Santi from Jest Paint, to offer an entire range of palettes that will inspire you to create new and exciting designs.

Fusion Body Art Split CakesThat same team worked to create an outstanding range of Split Cakes and Rainbow Cakes that will make artists go insane! The range includes well known and adored Split Cakes by Leanne Courtney, as well as an entire new range of Rainbow Cakes designed by Anna and Santi from Jest Paint based on Unicorns and Mermaids, to fulfill the demands of your customers and be able to paint Unicorns and Mermaids with ease.

Fusion Body Art Rainbow CakesAll Fusion Body Art products are perfume free, vegan, gluten free, paraben free and never tested on animals. The Pearl and Prime range are USA FDA and EU compliant and although the products are manufactured in China, the ingredients are sourced all over the world and the manufacturing process is closely controlled by Fusion Body Art's team of experts in Australia. Fusion Body Art products are registered in Europe so that they can be safely imported into the EU by vendors.

 Extra Details about Fusion Body Art 





Make sure to head over to the Fusion Body Art page an open each product to find images of the product, swatches on skin, GIFS of the products, and very detailed information on safety, ingredients, activation, storage and even download copies of their MSDS.

Vendor Opportunities for Fusion Body Art 

For vending opportunities within the USA, Canada and Latin America make sure to contact Jest Paint, the official Fusion Body Art Distributor  at to get more information and become one of our trusted re-sellers. 




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Natalja Midgley - June 21, 2019

I’ve been a face painter for several bears now. And would like to know more about stable colours because I have many struggles with and could not understand why it was so difficult to get a decent coverage with white..

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