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Face Paint FAQ

Face Painting is so popular nowadays that the internet is filled with questions about how to use them, which face painting products are best, safety concerns, and more!

We have compiled a list of some of the most popular questions people search on the internet and decided to write the Big Face Painting Blog of Questions so that you can share it with anyone that might want to learn more about face paints and the art of face and body painting. 

Fundamental Basic Face Painting Kit

You can even share this with potential clients or clients who have already hired you or link it on your website so those visiting your site can find answers to the questions they might have and be better informed!

Here we go!!!

What can be used instead of face paint?

If you are looking at things that can be used instead of face paint you need to always look for makeup grade alternatives. Do not attempt to make your own face paints at home as that can be dangerous. Online recipes are filled with ideas of products that are not designed to be used on the face and can cause allergic reactions. Here are some face paint alternatives:

1 - Eye Shadows
2 - Eye Liners
3 - Liquid Liners
4 - Cake Liners
5 - Cosmetic Grade Glitter Gels
6 - Cosmetic grade face gems

None of those options will give you a result as good as actual face paints, and professional face paints are always the best.

Which Face Paint Brand is the Best?

If you are wondering which face paint brand is the best, there are many great brands of face paint, and several are reasonable and will provide you with excellent results while keeping you and your skin safe. Here is a list of our top 10 brands:

  1. Fusion Body Art
  2. Superstar
  3. Diamond FX
  4. TAG Body Art
  5. Paradise
  6. Wolfe FX
  7. Kryvaline
  8. Face Paints Australia
  9. Kryolan
  10. Graftobian

Which Face Paint is The Best?

If you want a more in-depth look at which face paints are the best, you can read our Best Face Paint Guide to learn about some of those brands and what makes them great.

Which Face Paint is Best?

Many people wonder which face paint is best, and we always suggest water-activated face paints as those are easier to use and tend to give the best overall results. But, there are many kinds of face paints that are great depending on what you need them for. Here is a list based on our order of preference for day to day jobs:

  1. Water Activated Face Paints (glycerin, paraffin, or acacia Senegal gum-based).
  2. Pressed Powders
  3. Liquid Face Paints (water-based, acrylates based, or alcohol-based)
  4. Oil Based Face Paints (grease makeup)
  5. Alcohol Activated Solid Face Paints
  6. Talc Based Face Paints

Which Face Paint is Best?

What Face Paint to Use?

Choosing which face paint to use depends on what you need to accomplish. Not all face paints are the same; some are water-proof, some are sweat-proof, some are perfect to use under hot theater lamps, and others are perfect for little kids because they are easier to wash off. Here is a list we made with what face paint to use for each occasion:

  1. Costume Party: water-activated face paints.
  2. Halloween: water-activated face paints.
  3. Pool Party: alcohol-based face paints.
  4. Theater Play: grease base makeup.
  5. School Carnival: water-activated face paints.
  6. Fundraiser: water-activated or liquid face paints.
  7. Fashion Show: pressed powders.

What Face Paint is Best?

If you want to learn more about the different kinds of face paint out there and what are their properties so you can learn what face paint to use, then visit out blog: The Ultimate Face Paint Guide - Brands Comparison.

What Face Paint to Buy?

Choosing what face paint to buy is easy once you know what you need the face paint for. For example, if you look into face painting at a pool party, we will recommend water-resistant face paints like ProAiir and Endura. If you are painting at an animal's suitable event, we will suggest vegan face paints like Fusion Body Art and Diamond FX. Here is a list of our top brands based on overall performance and easy to use:

  1. Fusion Body Art
  2. Superstar
  3. Diamond FX
  4. TAG Body Art
  5. Paradise
  6. Wolfe FX
  7. Kryvaline
  8. Face Paints Australia
  9. Kryolan
  10. Graftobian

Here are two links that can help you answer what face paint to buy. These are just two essential palettes from our top-selling brands, but if you read the guide below, you will find more links to products that you can buy and are safe to use and perfect for almost all kinds of jobs.

What face Paint to Buy?

If you want a more in-depth look at what face paint to buy, please read our Best Face Paint Guide to learn about some of the brands mentioned above and what makes them great.

Will Face Paint Stain Hair?

People love using face paints all over their bodies, and many wonders: will face paint stain hair? In general, the answer to that question is no, but there are some exemptions to the rule. You should keep in mind the following things when deciding if covering your hair with face paint is a good idea:

  1. Bleached hair can stain with face paints.
  2. Natural light-colored hair can get dyed by darker face paint colors.
  3. Dark face paint colors, especially blues, reds, and greens, are more prone to staining.
  4. Dyed hair can stain with face paints.
  5. Using alcohol-based face paints can dye your hair.

Can Face Paint Stain Hair?

Will Face Paint Come Out of Clothes?

Parents usually want to know if face paint will come out of clothes since now and then, kids might smudge their face with their hands and then touch their clothes. It is possible to wash face paint off clothing, but it is not always guaranteed to come out. If the clothes can be bleached, then bleach will usually take care of the stain, but if it is a colored piece of clothing, then you need to keep some things in mind:

  1. Dark face paint colors can leave stains on your clothes.
  2. Grease-based face paints are very hard to remove from clothing.
  3. Alcohol-based face paints are very hard to remove from your clothes.
  4. Powder Based face paints can usually be removed if you gently blow the powder off rather than trying to wipe it off.
  5. Always try to remove the stain with a stain remover, soap, and water, and do not use a dryer as the dryer will set the color.
  6. If it is an expensive piece of clothing, you can try taking it to the dry cleaner for advice or help.

Will Face Paint Come Out of Clothes?

Will Face Paint Cause Acne?

Many people with sensitive skin wonder if face paint will cause acne, and in general, the answer would be no. Acne is usually a skin condition and not something that face paint can create, but face paint can make acne worse or create an allergic reaction that might look like acne if you are sensitive to any of the ingredients in face paint.

It is always best to check on the ingredients of face paint before applying it to your face. You can check the ingredients under each product at

will face paint cause acne?

Here are a few things to keep in mind to help you reduce the chances of a skin reaction when getting your face painted:

  1. Always use safe, cosmetic-grade professional face paints.
  2. Make sure that the tools used to apply the face paint are clean.
  3. Clean your face before applying the face paint, and do not wear any other lotion or sunblock underneath the paint.
  4. Do a patch test on the inside part of your elbow before getting your face painted if you think you could be allergic to it.
  5. Do not get your face painted if you already have a rash, wound, or skin irritation. You can always get your arm painted instead.
  6. When removing the face paint, be gentle and use only mild soaps and a soft cloth or sponge.

Will Face Paint Work on a Pumpkin?

It is Halloween time, and people not only are looking to paint their faces, but they are also wondering: will face paintwork on a pumpkin? The simple answer is yes! It will, but you have to keep some things in mind to get good results.

Also, remember, face paint is not water-resistant, so don't leave your painted pumpkins outside, or the face paint will come off.

Will Face Paint Work on a Pumpkin?

To face paint your pumpkin, please keep in mind:

  1. Your face paint needs to be extra creamy; think of the consistency of acrylics.
  2. You want your pumpkin to be nice and clean and dry!
  3. You will have difficulty painting layers as the second layer will re-activate the first layer, so it is best to think of a design that only has one layer.
  4. Do not let your pumpkin get wet, as water will smudge the paint.
  5. When you are done face painting your pumpkin, spray it with a light mist of hair spray to set the paint.
  6. Use dark colors and good opaque face paint brands to get the best results.
  7. Some people are allergic to pumpkins, so do not use a set of face paints or brushes that you will later use with people to prevent allergic reactions.

Can Face Paint Cause a Rash?

Any product can cause a rash since there is always a possibility of being allergic to one of the ingredients, so for those wondering if face paint can cause a rash, the answer is yes, it can, but rarely. If you use safe cosmetic-grade products, it is unlikely that you will develop a rash since professional-grade face paints are made with skin-safe ingredients. Still, if you want to be extra safe, here are a few recommendations we have for you to prevent or reduce the chances of developing a rash while face painted:

  1. Do not sleep with your face painted; always wash it off before bed.
  2. Always use safe, cosmetic-grade professional face paints.
  3. Make sure that the tools used to apply the face paint are clean.
  4. Clean your face before applying the face paint, and do not wear any other lotion or sunblock underneath the paint.
  5. Do a patch test on the inside part of your elbow before getting your face painted if you think you could be allergic to it.
  6. Do not get your face painted if you already have a rash, wound, or skin irritation. You can always get your arm painted instead.
  7. When removing the face paint, be gentle and use only mild soaps and a soft cloth or sponge.

Can Face Paint Go on Lips?

We get many people asking us: can face paint go on lips? The answer is that it depends. Most face paint colors can be used on lips without an issue, but some have a warning on their label that says that the FDA recommends keeping such colors away from the lips. This is usually the case for some blue and green pigments. Some people might experience some numbness when painted on the lips with black face paint, although it is very uncommon, and it goes away after a few minutes if you wash the paint off right away. 

Can Face Paint Go on Lips?

Do keep in mind that if your lips are going to get painted with face paints, the person applying the paint should use a disposable applicator or use a tool that has been sanitized before being used, and that will get sanitized right after as well. 

Can face Paint be Used on Hair?

Yes, face paint can be used on hair; in fact, many people use face paint as a temporary hair color product for a costume. You just need to keep in mind that since most face paints are water-activated, the paint will come off if you get sweaty or wet.

Can Face Paint be Used on Hair

A few things to keep in mind when using face paint to color your hair:

1 - If your hair has been bleached, some dark face paint colors can stain your hair for a few days.

2 - You can always use Hair Spray to help set the color and prevent rub off.

3 - You can use neon / UV face paint colors to dye your hair; it will look awesome once exposed to a UV or Black Light. 

4 - To wash it off, use shampoo and rinse with warm water.

Can Face Paint Be Used on Paper?

Face paint can be used on paper to create awesome getting cards or art pieces. Just make sure to use thick watercolor paper because regular paper can get too wet.

Can Face Paint be Used on Paper

You can work with face paints as if they were watercolors, adding more or less water depending on how thin or dense you want your colors to be.

A few tips to keep in mind:

  1. Don't use too much water, or your paper will break.
  2. Add more water to thin out your colors.
  3. Use less water to make your colors more opaque and thicker.
  4. Use rainbow split cakes to create cool effects.
  5. Use thin brushes for line work and large brushes to lay down the base colors.
  6. Use UV reactive colors for an extra excellent effect.

Can Face Paint Expire? Can Face Paint Go Bad?

Face paint expires and goes wrong, but it takes a long time since most good quality face paints have anti-bacterial and anti-microbial ingredients that help keep the face paint from going bad. 

can face paint expire or go bad

Keep in mind that most face paint brands will have a little symbol of an opened can with a number over or around it. That is the Period After Opening symbol and indicates how long the product is suitable for once opened. Although you should always pay attention to that, most face paints are still suitable for a lot longer if properly stored and cared for. Here are a few tips to help you prevent your face paint from going bad:

  1. Do not put the lids on while the face paint is still wet.
  2. Do not spray your face paints, always wet your brush or sponge and then load it.
  3. Do not store your face paints in a hot or humid place.
  4. Do not store your face paints inside the refrigerator or freezer.
  5. Do not leave your face paints inside the car.
  6. Do not use makeup sanitizer on your face paints or other chemicals.
  7. Do not paint over open wounds or on areas like lips or right by the corner of the eye, and go back to your paints with the same brush as that can bring bacteria to your face paints.

Can Face Paint Make You Sick?

When done properly, face painting is a very safe activity, using suitable materials and techniques. Keeping that in mind, like any makeup product or pretty much any product out there, there is always a tiny chance of an allergic reaction if someone is allergic to any of the ingredients used or if there is any cross-contamination. 

Can Face Paint Make You Sick?

A few tips to keep you from getting sick after being face painted:

  • Make sure you know what ingredients are in the paints, and if you are allergic to any of them, don't get painted.
  • Make sure to always use professional cosmetic-grade face paints to reduce the chances of an allergic reaction.
  • Always check the sanitary conditions of the face paint set up; a messy-looking kit can be a sign of unsanitary conditions, and you should avoid it.
  • Don't get painted over open wounds.
  • If you are already sick, avoid getting painted so that not to pass your sickness on to others.
  • When ashing the paint off, always be gentle and use products designed to be applied to the face; most of the time, gentle soap and water will do.
  • If you have sunscreen on, remove it before getting painted.

Can Face Paint Cause an Allergic Reaction?

Just as we mentioned before, anything can cause an allergic reaction, but face paint is unlikely to cause an allergic reaction if you use the proper materials and technique. 

Can Face Paint Cause an Allergic Reaction?

Just make sure to follow some important tips, and you should be fine:

  1. Know what you are allergic to and ask the painted if the face paints contain any of those potential allergens.
  2. Do not get painted over open wounds.
  3. Do not use scented baby wipes to clean your face.
  4. Make sure that the makeup kit is clean.
  5. Do not use cheap face products, always use professional cosmetic grade products.
  6. Be gentle when washing the face paint off your skin.

Are Face Paints Safe?

Yes, face paints are safe, so long you use the right kind of product and technique. You should always use face paints that are cosmetic grade and FDA compliant, preferably bought from professional face paint stores since they have the knowledge and expertise to select products that have been properly tested and certified, unlike big box stores and costume stores.

Are Face Paints Safe?

If you are getting painted by someone else, always make sure to hire a professional face painter that has been properly trained, used the right products, and knows how to apply the face paint safely and in unsanitary conditions.

A few things to keep in mind to have a safe face painting experience:

  1. Always use FDA-compliant cosmetic-grade professional face paints.
  2. Buy your face paints from trusted sources like professional face paint stores (
  3. Do not apply face paint over open wounds.
  4. Always make sure the face paint kit is clean.
  5. Know what you are allergic to, and avoid getting painted if the paints have any potential allergens as an ingredient.
  6. Always hire professionals to do the job; amateur painters might use the wrong product (markers, acrylics, tempera) or the wrong techniques.

Is Face Paint Acrylic?

Face Paints are not acrylics hence acrylics can not be used as face paints since they have some harsh ingredients that are not meant for the skin, and they also use pigments that are not approved by the FDA to be used on skin due to the fact that they can cause some permanent scars over the skin. If you Google Acrylic Reactions on the skin, you will find hundreds of images of damaged skin due to acrylics being used as face paints.

Is Face Paint Acrylic?

If you ask any acrylic manufacturer, they will tell you that their product is not meant to be used on the skin. It might say "non-toxic," which means that normal exposure to the product while doing what the product is meant to be used for won't cause any injuries. That does not mean that the product can or was designed to be used on the skin.

Acrylics are not face paint

Please avoid using acrylics as face paint; regular water-activated face paint is the right product for that, and it can actually be as cheaper or cheaper and much safer. For less than $15, you can get a full set of perfectly safe face paints that can paint dozens of faces.

Is Face Paint Makeup?

The answer to this question is yes and no. Face Paint is a cosmetic product, but it is not designed for prolonged wear, unlike makeup. Some pigments, for example, are ok only if used now and then but not on a daily basis. Since makeup is designed for everyday use, you can use makeup as face paint, but we don't suggest using face paint as makeup every day. It is a lot more pigmented and not truly designed for everyday use.

Is face paint makeup?

So long you follow the instructions on the label, you will be fine and should have nothing to worry about.

Is Face Paint Vegan?

Not all face paints are vegan; some might have carmine, lanolin, shellac, or beeswax. You should read the ingredient label carefully. Most professional face paint brands are indeed vegan and never tested on animals. 

Are Face Paints Vegan?

We highly suggest reading this blog post about Vegan face Paints as it has all of the information you need to know about vegan face paints, which brands are vegan and which ones are not, what ingredients to look for, and more!

Is Face Paint Non-Toxic?

Good professional cosmetic grade and FDA compliant face paint is non-toxic and can be used on the skin safely so long you follow the manufacturer's instructions.

Is Face Paint Non-Toxic?

Keep in mind that not all non-toxic products are meant to be used as face paint; non-toxic is not the same as safe to be used on the skin. Markers can be non-toxic, meaning you won't die of poisoning if you accidentally get some ink on your fingers, but that is not the same as saying that you can paint your entire face with markers. The non-toxic label applies to normal expected use. No one expects markets to be used as face and body paint, for example.

Is Face Paint Water Proof?

Some face paints are waterproof, while others are not. There are primarily two kinds of waterproof face paint: alcohol-based and silicone-based. Alcohol-based are the most popular ones, and there is a large variety of brands to choose from.

Is Face Paint Waterpoof

Alcohol-based face paints usually have castor oil as well to help make the product almost 100% waterproof and very water and sweat resistant.

You can read more about waterproof face paints on this blog: Water Proof Face Paints.

Also, you can browse a large selection of water-resistant face paints on our website.

Is Face Paint Water Based?

Although it is widespread for people to say that face paints are water-based, in reality, water is just a small part of the product; most are paraffin wax based, glycerin based, talc based, or Acacia Senegal gum-based.

Is face paint water based?

The correct term would be water-activated, as most face paints are indeed water-activated.

Liquid face paints also don't have that much water, but they do have more than the solid kind. Liquid face paint also has acrylates (a thick liquid substance not to be confused with acrylics). 

You can browse a great collection of water-activated face paints at

Is Face Painting Easy?

Face painting requires practice; although it is not rocket science, it certainly requires a lot of practice, training, and investing in good products to become a professional at it. 

Is Face Painting Easy?

If all you want is to play at home with your kids, then you can learn how to face paint fairly easily; although the results won't be stellar, they are just good enough to have a good time. Suppose you instead are thinking about learning to face paint so that you don't have to hire a professional for an event. In that case, I suggest you think twice since achieving the results of professional-looking face painting does take time and practice. 

You can take a look at our Quick and Easy designs to learn some really fast and popular designs: Quick and Easy Face Painting Butterfly.

Where to Buy Face Paint or Where to get Face Paint?

You can get face paints almost anywhere, but the best place to get your face paint is online at professional face painting supplies stores. Here are a few reasons why:

  • Professional face painting stores have trained staff that knows and uses the product.
  • Professional stores will only carry well-trusted brands that have passed the required standards.
  • Professional stores will have all of the information you need about the product, including warnings, how to use and store it, etc.
  • Professional stores will be able to give you professional advice and teach you how to use the product.
  • Professional stores have the largest variety of products, allowing you to choose the best product for your needs.
  • If you have an issue with a face paint product, a professional store will be able to explain to you how to fix it or what you could do.
  • Box stores, costume stores, and online marketplaces are mostly run by people with no training in the face paint industry.

Where to buy and Get face paints

We run our own online professional face paint store, and we are always happy to help you choose the best products for your needs and budget. We are, and you can call us or email us anytime (within business hours) to get all of the answers you need.

Can You Face Paint Over a Beard?

Yes! Face Painting over beards and doing glitter beards is the best! You can face paint over a beard using airbrush body paint and an airbrush compressor for faster results, or you can use regular face paint with a paintbrush. Just make sure your face paint is really nice and thick, and you will need to go over it a few times.

can you face paint beards

If you want to do a glitter beard, then add some aloe vera gel to your glitter and spread it all over; just make sure to use cosmetic-grade glitter.

What Face Paint Doesn't Crack?

Most professional brands of face paint won't crack if properly applied. What is most important is not to make the application too thick. The paint should be thin enough that it will move with the skin but opaque enough that it won't look translucent. A little bit of practice usually helps.

You can always go for Glycerin Based face paints if you want a smoother look since that base is more flexible and usually does not crack.

What Face Paint Doesn't Crack?

In the image above, you can see that the painter applied too much face paint, making a thick layer of paint that cracked.

What Face Paint is Safe for Babies?

All professional brands of face paints are safe for babies if you follow the manufacturer's instructions. Although in some countries, particular face paint organizations have set their own rules, the truth is that the regulatory agencies have not set age limits on face paints. They do suggest following label instructions, so if the label says not to paint kids under a certain age, then we highly suggest that. Most importantly, use common sense. A baby that was just born, or a baby that looks like it has sensitive skin or whose parents warn you about them having sensitive skin, allergies, or other skin conditions, should not be painted, in our opinion.

what brand of face paint is safe for babies

So, in summary, what you should do when asked what face paint is safe for babies is:

1 - Read the label of the face paint you are about to use and see if it mentions any age restrictions and for what reasons.

2 - Ask the parent or adult in charge whether the baby has any skin conditions or any condition that should prevent him from getting painted.

3 - Make sure the baby wants to get painted. In our opinion, if a baby is crying and looks unhappy, then you should not paint them.

4 - If the baby is a newborn, we do not suggest that face paint be applied, mostly if you have used those paints and brushes with people before, as their immune system might still be developing and they could catch something from your brushes, sponges or used paints.

5 - Always ask about allergies.

6 - Be extremely sanitary when painting babies; here is a blog post you can read: Top 10 Safety and Hygiene Tips for Face Painting - The Ultimate Guide.

Can I Face Paint with Acrylics?

We often get asked if it is ok to face paint with acrylics and the only answer to that is: no. Here are the main reasons why you can't use acrylics to face paint:

  1. Acrylics are not meant to be used on the skin. If you call any acrylic manufacturer (we have done that) or Arts and Craft stores, they will tell you the same.
  2. Acrylics are made with pigments that are not approved to be used on the skin and which have been directly banned from any cosmetic application.
  3. According to the label, the "non-toxic" label only applies to the toxicity while using it. 
  4. Acrylic skin reactions happen often, but most painters won't see them because they only happen usually a few hours later when the kid is back home.
  5. An acrylic reaction can leave a chemical burn on the skin, which can last a long time if the burn is deep enough.
  6. Acrylics were not designed for skin application, no test was done to see if they were safe for the skin, and the ingredients used are not a cosmetic grade.

Here is a picture of a reaction to acrylics being used as face paints

Is Face Paint Acrylic?

Can You Face Paint a Baby?

The question of if you can face painting a baby often comes since parents love to see their little ones turned into cute little critters, superheroes, and princesses, and the answer to that question is: it depends. It depends on a few factors that we will go on and list below. So please, if you want to know if you can face paint a baby, read the following list of important factors to keep in mind:

Can You Face Paint a Baby?

  1. Always make sure the baby wants to be face painted. If the baby is crying or looks unhappy, then you should not; after all, face paint is supposed to make kids happy.
  2. Ask the parents or legal guardian if the baby has any skin conditions, allergies, or any other medical situation that you should be aware of.
  3. Read the label of your paints and see if the manufacturer advises against the use of face paint with kids below a certain age and why.
  4. It is best if you can use brand new face paints and brushes so to prevent cross-contamination that could cause the baby to get sick (babies have an immune system that is still developing).
  5. Follow your local regulations, if there are any in regards to this.
  6. Use common sense! If the baby looks like he/she was just born, then maybe this is not the best time for it.

Can You Face Paint with Water Colors?

If you want to know if you can face paint with water colors, the real question would be: are watercolors designed for the face? And the answer, unfortunately, is no. Watercolors are designed to be used on paper and other surfaces but not on the skin. This is due to the fact that watercolors have pigments that are not allowed; some have been banned from being used on skin based on USA FDA regulations. Some of those pigments can be very harmful to the skin if left on for hours or if a lot of skin is exposed to them. Just because some people don't react to them, it doesn't make them ok.

Can You Face Paint with Water Colors?

Also, remember that the "non-toxic" label only applies when using the product as directed by the manufacturer. So, a little bit of watercolor pigment in your fingertips while you paint that you will then wash off in a matter of minutes is not the same as wearing a full face mask for eight hours straight.

What Face Paint does Kiss Use?

Many people write to us wondering what face paint the legendary rock band Kiss uses; they want to replicate the look for Halloween, or even some bands that play Kiss' covers want to look like them. 

What Face Paint does Kiss Use?

Their makeup is fairly simple; they use "clown white" as a base, which you can get from Ben Nye.

Then they do the star with a black makeup pencil, which you can also get from Ben Nye:

And then you can use regular lipstick for the red lips. It is that simple!

What Face Paint does Madeyewlook Use?

Alex is an amazing artist that makes the craziest makeup tutorials and has a YouTube channel by the name MadeYewLook. Many people come to us asking us what face paint does MadeYewLook uses, and the answer is almost all of them!

We have seen her use Graftobian Pro Paints, NYX Cosmetics, Urban Decay Cosmetics, Sugarpill eye shadows, Skin Illustrator palette, and more! She can make almost any brand of face paints or makeup work because, really, what matters the most is not the product she uses but the skills she has!

What Face Paint does Joker Use?

The joker was a really big hit in 2019 and still now, so a lot of people were wondering what face paint the joker used. It is not a question with one answer since, as the makeup artist explained, she used different kinds of makeup products depending on the scene and what was needed. But, she was kind enough to share with everyone the list of products she used on her official Instagram page, and here is the list of brands, some of which are available at

  1. MAC Cosmetics
  2. Sian Rich London
  3. Kryolan Aqua Colors (available at
  4. Mehron Paradise Face Paints (available at
  5. Makeup Forever grease paint in tubes.

What Face Paint does Slipknot Use?

Although not many people come to us to ask what face paint Slipknot uses, we know that many fans and people wanting to look like them want to know the answer to this.

The answer is not simple as their looks keep changing and they use a lot of masks with some make and special fx products added. In general, if you want makeup that can last through long hours of sweating and moving, you have to go with grease makeup and or alcohol makeup

What face Paint do Clowns Use?

Clowns are very popular characters, and many people wonder what face paints clowns use, and the answer to that question is: it depends on the clown!

What face Paint do Clowns Use?

Some clowns use powder-based makeup products, like StarBlennds, while others still use traditional clown makeup and grease makeup, like Ben Nye. Some clowns like to use regular water-activated face paints, mostly if they wear very little makeup since water-activated face paints are not very sweatproof. I have heard of a few who airbrush their makeup and use alcohol-based airbrush paints since they are long-lasting and have good coverage.

What Face Paint does Disneyland Use?

We have been lucky enough to visit Disneyland and Disney World a few times, and we have seen their artists at work! Many people wonder what face paint Disneyland use, and for the most part, they use Kryolan Aquacolors and Wolfe FX face paints. We have seen an occasional container of another brand here and there (probably because they could not get what they needed from their regular brands sometimes), but that is what they use for the most part. 

What Face Paint does Disneyland Use?

You can achieve the same great looks those artists create at the parks with either brand. You will need to practice because face painting requires practice, dedication, and talent. 

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Thank you!!!



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