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The 6 Best Face Paints of 2019 - FAQs

Now that face paint is everywhere and you have so many brands to choose from it is important to take the time to choose the best face paint for your needs

Not all face paints perform the same way, and each brand has its own particular set of strong qualities. It is hard to choose just five of them, but we have done a lot of testing and we have heard reviews from thousands of professional face painters and parents and condensed them in this blog post so that you can make a quick and easy choice.

The 6 Best Face Paints of 2019 - FAQs banner

Keep in mind that we still believe that all of the face paints available at JestPaint are great brands and have a specific purpose, but we have based our suggestions purely on our own research, customer's reviews, and product popularity.

With over 20 years of experience in the face painting industry, we are prepared to give you some good suggestions so you can choose the best face paint for your next event, carnival, Halloween party or just for your next fun day at home with the kids.

As a general rule, you should ask yourself the following questions in order to choose the best face paint brand for you:

What am I using the face paint for?

This is an important question because there are many different kinds of face paints. Some are water proof, some are sweat resistant, some are really easy to wash off, some will glow in the dark, some will glow under a black light. Knowing what you need the paint for will help you choose the right one.

You can visit our blog post for a more in depth explanation about the different kinds of face paints available:

The Ultimate Face Paint Guide

What do I care for the most: price or quality?

As in almost every aspect of life, price and quality go hand to hand. A good quality face paint brand won't be sold for just a few dollars a piece. You should be looking to pay at least $6.00 or more for a high quality and safe face paint brand. A safe face painting kits usually starts at around $20.00.

Am I a professional or a beginner face painter?

If you are a professional face painter then you likely know how to work with any kind of face paint and none will be a challenge for you, but as a beginner the best brand of face paint might be one that is easy to activate, that dries fast and doesn't require special activators or prep work.

Do I look for specific qualities: hypoallergenic, nut free, vegan, gluten free?

Not all face paint brands are vegan, or perfume or paraben free, or organic, so if that is something you care for then you can narrow you search to only those brands that meet those specifications.

You can find out more about the different brands and their qualities on our blog post:

The Ultimate Face Paint Guide

Our Top 6 Face Paint Brands are:

Best Overall: Fusion Body Art Face Paints available at Jest Paint

Best combination of quality, safety and price for a face paint brand. They provide great coverage, colors are vibrant, paints are safe for kids and price is great!


Fusion Face Paint Tiger by Anna Wilinski
Fusion Face Paint Tiger by Anna Wilinski


Best for Professional Face Painters: Superstar Face Paints available at Jest Paint

Great quality face paint with a very smooth consistency and amazing coverage. Each individual container has a lot of paint and will get you through many events.

Superstar Dream Colours Image Dragon by Svetlana Keller

See The Superstar Dream Colours Here! Dragon Design by Svetlana Keller

 Best for your Skin: Paradise Face Paints by Mehron available at Jest Paint

Paradise face paints are made in the USA with great quality ingredients like Aloe Barbadensis Leaf Extract to protect your skin.

Paradise Promo Image Woman Face Painted @ohmarie artist
Paradise face paint is used by beginner and TOP makeup artists like @ohmarie !


Best for Beginners: TAG Body Art Face Paints available at Jest Paint

TAG Body Art face paints are a great quality FDA compliant and hypoallergenic face paint that is super easy to use and very budget friendly. One small palette can get you through dozens of events.


Best Vegan Face Paint: Diamond FX Face and Body Paints available at Jest Paint

Although there are many great vegan face paints, Diamond FX for sure stands out not only for their bold colors and opaque coverage but also for the large range of colors available and their incredible safe formula.


Diamond FX Light and Dark Blue - Make by Anna Wilinski
Diamond FX Light and Dark Blue, Black and White - Make by Anna Wilinski

Best for Kids: Fusion Body Art Face Paints available at Jest Paint

Fusion Body Art face paints  have gotten great reviews from professional face painters and parents alike. It is super easy to use so you can let your young ones play with it and have fun!


Best Overall: Fusion Body Art Sampler Face Paint Palette

Fusion Body Art face paints were designed by professional face painters and chemists with the goal of creating an affordable face paint brand that could offer great quality products that are safe and easy to use. You will notice that the colors are super vibrant and opaque and that they are very easy to activate. Even though it is a pro brand, little kids can also have fun painting with it and cosplayers will have a great time painting amazing designs on their face to match their costumes. Fusion is known for having one of the best Black, White and Silver face paints in the market, and they are worth every penny!

To activate simply add some water to your brush or sponge, rub against the paint and go for it! You can read more about how to activate face paint on our blog post:

How to Face Paint - Step 2: How do I activate Face Paints?

Have fun at your next Halloween party, carnival or cosplayer event with Fusion face paints!

Anna Fusion Cat

The cat above was painted with all Fusion Colors! Coral, Marigold Yellow and Precious Teal. 


Best for Professional Face Painters: Superstar Professional Face Painting Palette

If you want to go professional or at least obtain professional results, nothing beats Superstar face paints. They are extremely smooth and vibrant and will make your designs stand out from the crowd. Superstar face paints are made in The Netherlands using professional grade ingredients that are hypoallergenic and FDA compliant.

As with all major face paint brands, simply activate with water and get painting!

Best for your Skin: Paradise Face Painting Palette

When you are painting with Paradise face paints you are not only creating great looking designs, you are also getting a skin treatment. With natural ingredients like Aloe Vera leaf extract, Avocado Oil and Vitamin E, these paints are some of the best the market has to offer for your skin.

Paradise has some amazing colors like Beach Berry, Mango and Lime. Your skin will truly thank you and your models will too!

Best for Beginners: TAG Body Art Face Paints available at Jest Paint

Nothing beats affordable and good quality when you are trying to start to face paint. TAG Body Art is one of the most affordable line of face paints but they don't compromise on quality. Their face paints are cosmetic grade, hypoallergenic, vegan and super easy to use. You can get crisp details and bold bases using brushes and sponges and a little bit of water.

TAG Body Art Butterfly using Angel Rainbow Cake


Best Vegan Face Paint: Diamond FX Face Painting Palette 

There are many vegan face paint brands in the market and Diamond FX is certainly a great one. Diamond FX face paints have no animal based ingredients and have never been tested on animals. But not only that, they are also great quality paints with bold and brilliant colors and a smooth slightly glossy finish.

If you want to learn more about vegan face paints you can read our blog post:

Vegan Face Paints

Best for Kids:  Fusion body Art Face Painting Palette

Every single brand of face paint we sell at Jest Paint is safe for kids, that is our main priority. Fusion is just one great example of a brand that has put a lot of effort into making a high quality product that is also safe for the little ones. Fusion not only offers a great color selection but also some spectacular split cakes as well as glitter gels.

If you want a safe product, Fusion is a great brand for you!


Fusion Face Paint by Anna Wilinski on Oceana Massano
Fusion Face Paint by Anna Wilinski on Oceana Massano

The Best Face Paint - Final Notes

We would like to disclose that we do not get paid to choose one brand over another one and that we strongly believe that all brands available at our shop are safe, and provide high quality results. Many of the brands we sell are vegan, all of them are great for kids, all can be used by beginners or professionals (with a little bit of training) and all of them are skin safe, although some do have some extra great ingredients to make them not only safe but also good!

The purpose of this article is to provide some guidance to those of you less familiar with the hundreds of face paint brands available out there. It is hard to choose just one brand, but we did choose six amazing brands and we have some other great brands available that also meet the criteria, like Kryolan, Graftobian, Wolfe FX, Kraze, Kryvaline and more!

And if you couldn't tell by reading all of this, here is a final reminder of what is the #1 face painting product!

Rainbow cakes for face painting, the hottest product for face painters


If you now feel like you want to learn a lot more about face painting you can read the rest of our FREE face painting articles, or you can invest in the best online face paint school available today:

Online Face Painting School

Thank you for reading and don't forget to check our BLOWOUT SALE & COUPONS page for some great deals on face paint and tools!

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