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Face Painting Classes: Free and Paid

Learning how to face paint is a very exciting journey. People tend to have a lot of fun taking face painting classes be it just for fun or to start a career face painting at events.

What should I do Before I take a Face Painting Class?

The first thing you should do before you start to take face painting classes is to get a good basic face painting kit with all of the fundamental face painting supplies, which should include:

- Face Paints
- Sponges
- Glitter
- Brushes
- Stencils



There are of course many other options of face painting kits depending on your budget and needs. You can browse our entire section of face painting kits on our website to find just what you need.

As you probably know there are a lot of face painting tutorials, step by steps, videos, blogs and paid subscriptions that you can use to learn how to face paint. There are also many Facebook groups that have a lot of information. Although this last options is not the same as taking a face painting class, it does allow for interaction with other professional and beginner face painters and you can learn a lot from that as well.

With this blog post we would like to cover not only what kind of face painting classes are out there but also offer you a set of basic free face painting videos with lessons for beginner face painters.

We will also provide you with links to our free face painting tips blogs filled with content related not just to how to face paint but also the business side of it.

We hope that this blogs becomes the stepping stone for those starting to face paint and choosing what if any face painting classes they should take.

We strongly suggest that if you really want to turn face painting into a career you invest in paid face painting classes. You can start first taking some of the free face painting classes we offer on this blog, just to get you started and see if you like it. But, to go professional, it is best you take some paid courses.

If you just want to face paint for fun, then using the free resources available is fine. You can always switch to paid classes if you feel that you want to learn more and have someone guide you through the process.

Why Should I Take Face Painting Classes?

Well, because like anything in life face painting takes time and you need to learn specific skills in order to become a good face painter. The great thing about this particular trade is that there is a lot of free information available to get you started and then amazing paid face painting classes opportunities to become a total pro!

Where Can I Take Face Painting Classes?

You can take face painting classes professionally at the International Face Painting School (see link later on this blog) or for free using the resources we will list on this article, including:
- YouTube:
- Blog:
- Blog:
- Facebook: Jest Paint Community

And other options as shown below.

Free Face Painting Classes

There is a plethora of available face painting classes and tutorials for free on the internet, but it can be hard to find the best quality ones. At Jest Paint we have created a lot of free face painting classes and tutorials for you to enjoy, and we manage some of the largest face painting Facebook groups. Here is a list of the different places you can go to to get free face painting lessons and information.

Free Face Painting Classes on YouTube

If you hop over to YouTube you will find a lot of Face Painting tutorials. Jest Paint has a very popular channel and we are working hard right now to make it even better and more structured so that new painters can find what they need right away.

YouTube Face Painting Tutorials

You can find all of our free face painting classes on YouTube and learn how to face paint different designs as well as learn some basic face painting techniques.

Free Face Painting Classes on the Jest Paint Blog

Our face painting blog is filled with free information for those looking into face painting and all there is to learn about this magical trade. Our blog is split into four different sections to make it easier for everyone to find what they are looking for:

On this blog you will find very detailed posts about how to get started into face painting, what face paint brands are best, what face painting supplies to get, how to use a sponge, a brush, how to activate your face paints, using stencils and more! Each blog post has illustrating images, videos and GIFS to help you through the process.

Face Painting Blog

If you are just starting out there are three blog posts that we strongly suggest for you to look into:

The Ultimate Face Paint Guide - Brands Comparison

How to Start and Run a Face Painting Business - The Complete Guide

How to Face Paint - A Face Painting Guide for Beginners and Parents

Each one of them has links to other complimentary blog posts that will further expand on these subjects. You can read and practice for days before you run out of information!

Free Face Painting Tutorials and Tips on Facebook 

If you want to interact with other face painters, learn from them, ask questions, share your progress and have fun we recommend three Facebook groups that we run, each of them are worth joining:

  • Jest Paint Community: a group for Jest Paint fans to gather and share their knowledge, ideas, progress, ask questions about our products and store, etc.
  • Face and Body Painters: a group to interact with other professional face and body painters and learn from their experience in our industry. 
  • Face Painting Tips: a group for face paint enthusiasts to gather and share face painting tips and ideas, ask questions, find free tutorials and more.

Facebook Groups

We mange all three groups and make sure that they a welcoming community that allows for learning and growing. We really hope you can join us! Although as we said, these are not true face painting classes, being a part of these groups is like interacting in class with other classmates, and you can learn a lot from those interactions.

Free Face Painting Inspirational Boards on Pinterest

Because we know how important it is to have images to get inspired when face painting, we have put together many face painting Pinterest boards, one for each one of the top 20 most popular face painting designs for you to browse and get inspired by. Each board also includes one step by step tutorial that is designed for beginner face painters making them easy to follow and obtain a nice looking result without a lot of practice. The rest of the images range from beginner to professional looks that you can use to create your own and share with us on Pinterest.

Pinterest Face Painting Boards

Pinterest is a great platform to look for free inspiration. There are endless ideas to try and you can always pin your own version of the design as a comment to the original pin and see what others did. It can be really fun to see all of the different versions of just one design!

As it is with Facebook, you won't find actual face painting classes on Pinterest, but once you have mastered some techniques Pinterest can be your best source of inspiration and a way to get your ideas and inspiration flowing.

Free Face Painting Ideas on Instagram

Once you have taken some face painting classes online or in person heading to Instagram is another great way to get inspired. Just like you can do with Pinterest, you can use Instagram to get ideas that you would like to try, see different versions of a design and be mesmerized by the talent out there!

Instagram Feed

Head over to Jest Paint's Instagram feed to see the artwork from many talented artists around the world and be inspired!

Free Face Painting Classes Right Here!

Now that have seen what we have to offer on different channels, we would also like to offer you some great face painting classes we have created for you. These classes are designed for beginner face painters to learn the basic face painting techniques and designs. This is not a comprehensive course but rather a starting place to get you going, testing the waters and then jump into more in detail learning through paid online face painting classes. Classes will be uploaded as we go, so come often to see the new videos posted. We are currently getting ready to upload videos 1 through 8.

1 - How to Activate Face Paints

2 - How to Use Face Painting Sponges

3 - How to Use Face Painting Brushes

4 - Basic Parts of a Face Paint Design


5 - How to Use Face Painting Stencils

6 - How to Apply Glitter


7 - How to Use Split Cakes

8 - How to Face Paint a Tiger Face


9 - How to Face Paint a Butterfly Face

10 - How to Face Paint a Unicorn

11 - How to Face Paint a Mermaid

12 - How to Face Paint a Dragon

13 - How to Face Paint a Zombie

14 - How to Face Paint a Sugar-skull

15 - How to Face Paint a Clown

16 - How to Face Paint a Dog

17 - Essential Face Painting Supplies


18 - Face Painting Tips for Beginners


Paid Face Painting Classes

If you are looking into becoming a professional face painter we strongly suggest for you to invest in paid face painting classes.

There are several places that offer paid face painting classes but we highly suggest you to choose a course run by a professional face painter rather than those offered by online schools that teach all sorts of trades. The schools that focus just on face painting tend to have much higher quality content and have true face painting experts behind them to help you all the way through the journey.

Paid Face Painting Classes: International Face Painting School

By far the best Face Panting School that we have found is the International Face Painting School by Olga Murasev. She has built some incredibly detailed courses that range from courses you can take on your own to ones that offer you a couch that will stay with you all the way through the course. All of them offer you a certificate and we can personally say that we have seen the progress that her students do and it is amazing!

International Face Painting School

Full disclosure we are an affiliate for the International Face Painting school, but we would not partner with them if we did not believe that they offer high quality content. 

We have personally reviewed all of the International Face Painting School content and we have partnered with them to offer their students specific face painting kits that have been hand selected by Olga herself to make sure you have everything you need to thrive.

This is really the best option for someone looking into a structured course, with a set curricula, a coach, tests and a certificate. They also provide a great support network as part of their paid face painting classes and incredible guides, videos and more that you get to keep forever. 

Paid Face Painting Classes: One on One Classes with Anna Wilinski 

Anna has been a face painter since she was ten years old. With 30 years of face painting under her belt, she has accumulated a lot of experience not only on the artistic part but also on the business side. She can teach you all about getting your business started, getting your name out there, preparing for your gigs, getting paid on time, etc. 

Anna can also teach you all of the basic face painting techniques to get you face painting in no time, and then work with you on creating well structured balanced designs, using split cakes to speed up your work without sacrificing on quality, learning how to use stencils in fun and creative ways and more!

With her you can go at your own speed, choose a flexible schedule and have someone fully focused on you. 

One on One Face Painting Classes

Anna will schedule one hour Zoom sessions with you to work on the things that you want to learn (if you already have some basic knowledge) or to go over her class plan to cover all of the basic face painting topics.

Each Zoom hour with Anna is $100 US Dollars (price might change without notice), or you can buy hour bundles and save as much as 30% per hour. This option allows you take face painting classes at your own speed, without committing to a large investment upfront. This is a great chance to have a teacher fully focused on you rather than pre-recorded classes where you cannot interact with your teacher or get the specific help that you need. 

If you want to book a face painting class with Anna Wilinski, founder of please click here.

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do you know anyone who gives in person classes on face paiting near PA19342?

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