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Diva Stencils | Face Painting Stencil | Forehead Band - Halloween Ghosts (1013)

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by Diva Stencils | Product Code: DS1013
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What are the dimensions of this mylar stencil?

This forehead band Diva Stencil Stencil Size: 3.25" x 6"

What are Forehead Band Diva Face Painting Stencils best for?

The Halloween Ghosts forehead band stencil will be a hit with kids! This stencil is longer, so that it can cover the forehead. You can use the rows of Ghosts for cheek and body art too. The stencil includes 3 ghosts and their funny facial expressions. Painting nicely shaped ghosts with funny faces is no easy feat, so this handy Diva stencil will be a lifesaver! Stencil them floating in front of the moon, over fences or just perched on the eyebrow. We love Diva Stencils because they are great for quick, detailed designs when your face painting line is long. They are also great for new artists who struggle with coming up with face painting ideas, or who need to face paint for an event and haven't had a lot of practice. You can also use these decorative stencils for decorating cupcakes, coffee drinks, stationary, and so much more! Make it simple, make it Diva!

How to use the Diva Face Painting Stencils?

Diva Stencils are cut on flexible 190 millimeter mylar. This flexibility provides easy use for face painting! When painting with water based face paints you will need to practice getting the paint consistency right to create crisp clean stencil prints. The key is to just use a tiny bit of water to activate the paint. You want the paint to be tacky, not wet, so that you can stipple on the color without it leaking underneath the stencil. I use a dry droplet sponge, dotter sponge on a stick, or finger dauber and I drip a couple drops of water on my cake and load the paint until it is very thick and almost dry again. I test the face paint on the back of my arm to make sure it is not wet and shiny. If it is still too wet I keep rubbing the sponge into the face paint. Once I have the right consistency, I firmly hold the stencil on the skin, where I want the design to be, and slowly sponge face paint on top of the stencil using a firm tapping motion. Walking your fingers across the stencil while making sure that it doesn't shift and is pressed firmly against the skin will ensure that you get a nice imprint. Take care not to go over the edges of the stencil with your applicator. Once you have filled in all of the sections with paint you can slowly lift and remove the face painting stencil and you have a quick and stunning design! Check out our face painting stencil tools for sponges that are easy to use with stencils. You can also use Diva stencils with an airbrush gun, pressed powders on a smoothie, or cream based paints that you can set with powder. If you struggle with getting the water consistency right and you do not have an airbrush, using pressed powders is a great option. You will want to make sure that the smoothie applicator is not loaded too thickly or you will get fall out and the potential for smearing. If you want a smudge proof look, you can seal your stenciling that is done with face paint powders with a makeup sealer or you can create temporary tattoos using alcohol based face and body paints.

How do I clean my Ghosts Stencil?

Diva face and body art stencils are easy to clean. Wipe the stencil gently with a wet cloth or sponge to clean and let air dry. Make sure to be gentle enough that you don't snag any parts of your stencil while cleaning it. On the job, I often dunk my stencil in my water jug and then press it dry against a cloth. You will want to make sure that your face painting stencil is clean or that the paint is dry on the side that you will be pressing against the skin so that your design doesn't smudge. When painting with water based paints you will also want to make sure that the stencil is clean on the side you will be painting, unless it has the same color on it that you are going to use. Otherwise, you will activate the paint on the stencil with your sponge and mix that color with the color you are trying to apply. This could lead to getting a muddy color that you were not dreaming of. If you are using airbrush face paint you can clean your stencils after your gig. Follow removal directions based on the the type of airbrush paint you are using. For example, alcohol based paints will need to be cleaned off with an alcohol based solution.

How can I store and display my stencils?

Keeping your face and body art stencils organized in your face painting kit is essential to being able to work fast and efficiently. There are many ways to store your stencils so that you can find them when you need them for a particular design. Artists create storage and display boards based on the size of their kit, and their set up. If you have a case with a pop up lid you can use Velcro or a tack board to hang your stencils in your kit while you work. Diva stencils have a hole that makes them perfect for hanging. If you want to use Velcro, attach a strip of double sided Velcro to a board or inside your kit lid, and then put a small piece of Velcro on the edge of each stencil. One thing I really like about having your stencils displayed is that your customers can see them and pick the one that they like, and you won't forget to use them. You can organize them based on theme or in alphabetical order so that they are easy to find. Another storage option is to keep them in a file box or photo album. You can print out a sheet of all of the stencils that you have to keep on display, and have them numbered so that they are easy to find in your album or file box. If you need to pack small, choose your most popular stencils and keep them on a snap ring. One drawback to the snap ring is that it is harder to find the ones you want and sometimes they get caught on each other. Always make sure that your stencils are protected when you store them in your kit, otherwise they could easily get bent and damaged.

What other stenciling tricks and tips should I know?

Try using rainbow cakes or loading more than one color side by side on you sponge to create a stencil imprint with a gradient of beautiful colors. For a 3D effect you can do an imprint in one color and then shift the stencil slightly in one direction and go over it again in another color to get a highlighted top edge or a drop shadow bottom edge. Choose your base color and the stenciling color wisely. Imagine what color they will create when you layer or blend them together so that you do not accidentally use two colors that will mix and create a color that you don't want in the design. For example, I love stenciling teal on a pink base because the end result is a pretty purple-teal imprint. In contrast, if I stencil orange on top of a blue base, I might get a muddy color for the imprint that just doesn't pop. Stenciling dark shades of a color on top of lighter shades of the same color or vise versa is a fool proof way to get a nice effect. Did you know that you can also reverse stencil? Lay down a base color and once it is dry, you can place your stencil on top and carefully rub off the paint through the stencil holes with an almost dry sponge. Once you take off the stencil you will have a really cool effect. Another way to do this is to paint the stencil and press it against the skin like a stamp. Get creative mixing and matching stencil elements to create your own unique designs that you will set you apart as an artist!

Tell me more about the Diva Stencil Brand

Diva Stencils is owned and operated by April Fregd, a long time face painter and graphic designer. She wanted to create stencils that would add more to her face painting repertoire. She works with an amazing team of women around the world who design stencils for the line. Terri Connely is an art director and stencil designer, and Carrie Coombs is the Marketing and Production Specialist. Carrie leads the Diva Stencils group on Facebook, which is an awesome place to get tips and tricks. Diva Stencils popularity has exploded over the past few years and we are happy to carry them at Jest Paint!