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Where To Buy Bargain Balloons, Animal Balloons & Twisting Balloons

Are you looking to buy animal-twisting balloons at a bargain price? Are you tired of searching over 100 websites now knowing which one you can trust? You have come to the right place!

Not only do we have a great price on animal balloons but we also offer the highest quality brand, Qualatex, and the fastest shipping!

Animal Balloons

At Jest Paint, you will not only find the traditional 260 balloons but also round balloons with faces, sticky dots, high-quality pumps, hearts, pearl and metallic balloons, assortment bags, and more!

Open our Balloon Collection page to see our entire range of professional-grade animal balloons and have fun shopping for your next gig or event.

What Kinds of Balloons are used for Animal Balloons?

Professional balloon twisters and clowns use all sorts of balloons to make their creations but the most common ones are those called 260s, which are 2 inches in diameter and 60 inches long when inflated, hence the name 260.

These balloons are made of natural latex, a natural form of rubber that is biodegradable. 

How to Twist Animal Balloons?

Creating little animal balloons is fairly easy once you have practiced enough. Keep in mind that it will be a lot easier if you use high-quality fresh balloons like Qualatex. If the balloons are too old they might break and pop easily. So, although getting a great bargain on balloons might feel like a win, make sure that you are getting a well-known brand and that they are fresh. Some stores that move little inventory might have balloons on their shelves that are several years old, stay away from that!

You start by using a balloon pump to inflate your balloon except for the last 2-3 inches (depending on how many twists you will need, the more twists the more of an uninflated tale you need to leave) and tie a knot.

Then, follow the instructions to create whatever shape you are looking to make. You should start with something easy like a sword that only requires one twist. Then you can move on to the simple flower or balloon dog.

Step-by-Step Balloon Sword

See below the steps to create a balloon sword:

  1. Grab a 260-animal balloon, and stretch it a bit with your hands.
  2. Insert the tip of the balloon into the pump's nozzle.
  3. Inflate almost the entire balloon leaving only about 1" without air so that when you twist it there is room for the air to move.
  4. Tie a knot to prevent air from escaping.
  5. Bend down the end of the balloon that has the knot towards the long side of the balloon, the twisted part should be about 4 fingers long. 
  6. Twist the balloons knot around the body of the balloon by holding the knot and the body between your fingers and twisting the part that forms an ear-like shape. Then grab the knot and stretch it inside the ear and around the twisted area to lock the twist.
  7. Grab the other end of the balloon and insert it inside the twisted ear-like shape and pull off that end until you are left with a sword handle and a blade.

Step by Step Balloon Sword

Step by Step Balloon Sword

Step-by-Step Balloon Dog

Here are the steps to make an animal balloon dog:

  1. Repeat Steps 1 through 4 for the sword.
  2. Bend down the end of the balloon that has the know\t towards the long side of the balloon, the twisted part should be about 4 fingers long. 
  3. Twist a little bubble on the end that has the knot.
  4. Then twist the space between the bubble and the bent part of the balloon with the long body of the balloon creating an ear shape with a bubble on top, these are the dog's legs and tale.
  5. Leave a long stretch of the balloon for the dog's body and repeat the ear twist shape, these are the dog's front legs.
  6. Twist a short stretch of the balloon for a neck, then another war shape twist for the dog's ears, and the remaining piece of the balloon is the dog's nose.
  7. If you have some uninflated balloon left, pinch that tight between your fingers, stretch it and cut the end off, then tie a knot at the end. You now have a balloon dog!

animal balloon dog

animal balloon dog

Other types of balloons for twisting

As mentioned before, there are many kinds of balloons that can be used for twisting animal balloons, including many round shapes, bee bodies, link balloons, Mylar balloons, thicker long balloons and more!

See some links and images below for examples.

animal balloons

What Other Tools are Used to Twist Balloons?

Twisters use hundreds of tools to make their creations come to life but beginner twisters only need a few to get started, the most important being a balloon pump.
But, you can also get a black marker, stickers, sticky dots, a balloon apron, a balloon cutter, etc.

We have some of those basic tools for sale on our bargain balloons page at Jest Paint.

 Let us know if you would like to see any other animal balloon products for sale at Jest Paint, simply send us an email with the product name and a link to it so we can source it and add it to our ever-growing bargain balloon shop for animal balloons and professional twisters.

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